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Top security tips for keeping everyone safe at events

Our Event Security Tips – Allowing You And Your Patrons To Enjoy The Event, Keeping Everyone Safe And Secure

With large gatherings comes the need for crowd control and security. Event security services are a must now more than ever before for large gatherings. From sporting events to weddings, the need to keep everyone safe and secure is essential for organisers. Here are some...

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John Mellings biggest business learning curves and mistakes

Our Biggest Learning Curves in Business: Turning Missteps Into Opportunities

While most business owners are happy to share their successes, many are reluctant to discuss their errors. Mistakes that you’ve learnt from are nothing to be ashamed of though. Sometimes you have to find out what not to do, in order to be successful in the future. I t...

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The importance of retail security post covid-19

Retail Security in the Post-Coronavirus Economy: When Times Get Tough, Security Should Be the Last Cost Cut

In the wake of COVID-19 and the tough economic climate caused by 3 months of lockdown, we’re unfortunately seeing many of our high street stores permanently close their doors. Churchill Security has compiled a list of reasons why your retail business should take adva...

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Support in the circle of trust

Purpose & Virtues – Why Do Businesses Use Them And Need Them?

Churchill’s Purpose and Virtues are considered to be the very core of the business and throughout all levels, everyone is encouraged to cement them within their daily working lives. They are so much more than just some terminology on a piece of paper, they reflect how...

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