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Lancashire: a county of fine attractions, brightly coloured beaches and flowing countryside. As an eager traveller myself, I will happily admit that I’m too impartial to a sneaky visit to the bright lights of Blackpool and the stunning seaside of Cleveleys.

With an ever expanding scene for tourism and the potential for business, Lancashire is simply flourishing, however one key attribute to ensuring the strength and success of your business is its safety and with the popularity of Lancashire growing each year this is now the time you as a business owner need to be considering the true strength of your security procedure.

According to the Lancashire Constabulary’s official website the overall crime numbers including statistics from anti-social behaviour and robbery, increased between the months of May 2013 and June 2013 by approximately 3.9%.  On first viewings this does seem like a small figure, however when you consider the increase in anti-social behaviour alone during this time period was 6.7% then it does become slightly more worrying. With summer coming to a close, a large number of businesses will be closing their doors or at least shortening their opening hours, for the winter season and it’s this period of the year that you should consider strengthening the safety of your establishment.

With a selection of services available, here at Churchill Security we can provide you with a personal high quality security package that will suit the exact requirements of your business. Catering for a large number of establishments, your business deserves to be safe and by ensuring it’s under the best protection you are also securing your chances of success as putting any part of your establishment at risk could have detrimental effects that could be easily avoidable.

What can Churchill Security offer your Lancashire establishment?

With the growth of any business comes hard work and perseverance and putting all that at risk is completely out of the question. Let’s have a look at how we can strengthen the safety and security of your Lancashire business:

                                     Static security guards
Lancashire-security-guardsAs crime such as theft, robbery and violence are on the increase in Lancashire, implementing the reliable services of our static security guards should be at the top of your agenda. Guarding your premises to the highest of standards, our static security guards can provide gatehouse security for both entrance and exit points ensuring only permitted people can enter the premises. They can also carry out reception and concierge duties which in return will strengthen the safety of your clients, customers, visitors and employees whilst they are on your premises.


Lancashire-mobile-patrol-guardsMobile patrols
If your establishment sits on a large area of land, whether it’s a warehouse, building site or simply an extensive premises in Lancashire, our mobile patrol units could be the ideal security services for you. Burglary in Lancashire is standing at worrying rate and by having your establishment under our mobile patrols will ensure that your property is not put under any unnecessary risks. Amongst a selection of services, we can provide open-air security, key holding and marked vehicle patrols to closely guard what means most to you.


                                     Key holding and alarm response services
lancashire-alarm-responseA cost effective solution, at Churchill Security we can offer your Lancashire establishment key holding and alarm response services in addition to the duties that our fully trained security guards provide. By implementing this service you can rest in the knowledge that any alarm calls will be responded to rapidly and efficiently which in return ensures the full safety of your Lancashire premises. Whether you require security for a corporate establishment, or an industrial or construction site, we can implement key holding and alarm responses which will immediately alert the police if there are any signs of criminal activity.

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Emily Macaulay Churchill Security Client Relationship Manager

Emily is responsible for business growth and account development via new sales. She manages a team of Client Relationship Executives through strategic goals and objectives in line with business targets. Emily is a friendly, approachable and a respected senior manager at Churchill always striving to deliver service excellence.