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It has been stated that the Greater Manchester Police receives approaching 200,000 reports of crime each year, and that among this figure there are a large number of serious crimes taking place. If you are living or working in Manchester, you will note what an exciting city it can be, however among all the positive points of this diverse location, you will also note how vulnerable it is to crime.

The recent statistics shown by the Greater Manchester police show that the number of incidents of crime has increased over the past few months, and unless stricter security is put into place, it will become difficult to bring this figure back down. Therefore, you need to consider hiring security guards to take a proactive stance against criminal activity in your city.

The worryingly high rate of crime in Manchester makes it even more of a reason to work in harmony with Churchill Security to try and keep the level of crime to a minimum through our dedicated and friendly team of professionals. Please don’t leave your premises vulnerable to crime when you have the option to utilise the skills of our cost-effective security officers who are fully trained in providing a solution to your individual needs.

According to recent crime statistics for Greater Manchester Police:

  • Crime in Manchester is generally at the highest during the Summer months
  • Anti-social behaviour is the most common crime in Manchester
  • Burglary makes up around 10% of crime in Manchester and peaks around Christmas

What services can our security guards in Manchester offer?

Whether you are looking to hire security guards in Manchester to act as a professional front to your business or to help ensure your special event is a huge success, we can provide static security guards to protect the welfare of your clients, visitors, guests and employees. Not only acting as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime, our security officers will also give a welcoming and personal touch to your business or event. Furthermore, our guards can also offer dual role responsibilities such as first aid and fire safety so you can be confident there will be a rapid response to any crisis situation.

We also provide security for factories, warehouses and construction sites to give you the reassurance that your valuable assets such as your machinery and stock are kept secure from vandalism and theft. Some of the services we can offer for this particular type of security include mobile patrols and alarmed response to give you maximum coverage where and when you need it most.

Providing a completely personalised package to suit your individual security needs, when you hire security guards in Manchester you will benefit from the care of a name you can rely on when it comes to offering an expert security service in Manchester.

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