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Is your Bristol business safe and secure or at risk and vulnerable?

In the UK today there are an estimated 4.25 million CCTV cameras installed up and down the country. Combine this with the fact that 24% of the security industry’s activities are attributed to security guarding alone and you get a strong idea of the importance this particular service provides our cities and the demand for its many benefits across the UK. Whether you’re aware of it or not, safety measures are an everyday part of our lives. They’re in the streets we walk, the buildings we enter and shops we browse – and they’re there for a damn good reason.

What is the role of a security guard today?

Today, the role of security is evolving as the role of crime becomes more sophisticated and dangerous each year. Take retail security for example, in the last year alone warehouse fraud increased almost 30% while criminal damage rose by 24.6% costing business owners £81m. Looking at the construction industry, you really get an insight into how harmful a lack of security can be as a recent report revealed that 1 in 5 construction sites in the UK are vandalised each and every week because they are viewed as a soft target.

Every day our security guards take on roles designed to protect companies, watch over campuses and prevent trespassers causing damage to your business. When it comes to security guarding in a city like Bristol, the objectives are simple and straight forward. We aim to ensure public safety is never compromised, we safeguard your property or environment and we take responsibility for areas you might not be equipped to take on yourselves. How, you ask? Offering static officers, deploying teams of mobile guards trained to carry out mobile patrols across large sites and giving you guards capable of managing gatehouse duties and access points, there’s not much our team of security guards in Bristol can’t do.

Understanding the vibrant environment this coastal city offers, we are all too familiar with the unfortunate threats that are too often associated with highly populated areas. Our motto is: where there are people, there’s the chance of crime. No the most uplifting of sayings, but certainly a realistic one from our years of experience.

What are the threats to you?

Now that the economy is back on its feet with promising growth to come in 2015, there’s nothing stopping your business from flourishing. Allowing Churchill to take care of all your Bristol security guard services is the first step to take when it comes to unleashing the potential your business has. Preventing detrimental damage that could have a negative effect on your business continuity and reducing petty yet costly crime to your properties, our security solutions will reduce any external risks that businesses (no matter what size) often fall victim to.

If you’re searching for Bristol based security guards, you have found a company you put your trust in. Why? Because not only are our officers vetted for a minimum of 10 years, we can deliver dual roles, health and safety checks and act as your much needed crime deterrent.

All you need to remember is that when it comes to your security guard needs – you aren’t alone. We’re here to make your journey a safer one and together we can work as a team to reduce the risks of crime, theft or worse that you could be vulnerable to.

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Emily Macaulay Churchill Security Client Relationship Manager

Emily is responsible for business growth and account development via new sales. She manages a team of Client Relationship Executives through strategic goals and objectives in line with business targets. Emily is a friendly, approachable and a respected senior manager at Churchill always striving to deliver service excellence.