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A New Year is a great time to reflect upon the past 12 months whilst making fresh plans for an exciting year ahead.

You may have some wacky New Year resolutions, you may be on the latest fad diet, you may have attempted both and given up already, but one area you absolutely must sort once and for all this year is your security strategy for your business or property.

Why, I hear you ask?

Let’s have a quick recap of the crimes in 2014 and then maybe you’ll feel like picking up the phone today. Whether you’re looking to protect an established corporate brand, vulnerable retail business or an exposed construction site, we will help you and we will take the necessary and often simple steps in order to reduce the worrying risks and avoidable crimes that have lasting and damaging affects to companies just like yours every single day of the year. Don’t become a statistic. Don’t delay. Do call Churchill and together, let’s swipe out the risks that 2015 could present to you.

2014 Crime Statistics


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John is highly motivated and an asset to Churchill's team with over eight years of experience within the industry. As a director in the company John is responsible for managing the client relationship team, John ensures that every client is listened to in order for Churchill to provide the best, high quality, cost-effective service that meets their specific requirements.