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A business without adequate security measures is a business that puts its public perception into the hands of strangers and unfortunately, a percentage of those strangers are looking to cause you harm.

This is why it is so dangerous (for many reasons) for you to operate in an unsecured building without reliable security measures in place.

First impressions

Corporate crime is in a league of its own. It comes in many different guises and often, it knows no bounds. But one thing is for sure – we can help to dramatically reduce the risks you face as a business every day.

Ensuring you emulate a slick operation, the public perception of your organisation should be one of solid trust and taking care of your corporate security needs should be seen as a business necessity.  You only get one chance at a first impression and a vandalised building with damaged access points is NOT the impression you want reflecting your place of business.

Improve efficiencies

Taking full responsibility of your environment and adding a cushion of safety to all aspects of your property via our static security officers, we give you protection during the hours or darkness and business shut down hours when you are most vulnerable to unwanted visitors. Beyond the safety measures that we implement, our officers are trained to deliver dual roles meaning you get even more from our officers than just security coverage.

Concierge duties are available from our officers should you require them, allowing your busy staff to focus on more pressing matters within their day. Able to meet and greet visitors, act as your first point of contact and representing your business in a professional manner, our officers will always conduct themselves with a friendly an efficient demeanour.

Qualified and accredited with every industry standard and requirement needed, Churchill stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to corporate security you can trust. Delivering mobile, static and combined security solutions that will protect your front door all the way to your local reputation, contact the professionals at Churchill today and let us take on the responsibility of your company’s long term security needs – you won’t regret relying on an industry leading brand with a wealth of experience.

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John is highly motivated and an asset to Churchill's team with over eight years of experience within the industry. As a director in the company John is responsible for managing the client relationship team, John ensures that every client is listened to in order for Churchill to provide the best, high quality, cost-effective service that meets their specific requirements.