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In light of the recent tragic terror attacks, the MI5 has announced that the risk of a UK terrorist attack is greater NOW than ever before.

The government has also issued warnings to the business community, calling the threat of international terrorism SEVERE and so illustrates that the need for proactive security measures to protect your people is more important than ever.

To proactively deter all expressions of crime you may be exposed to (including terrorism), there are certain preventative steps that Churchill can offer you.

From static measures and night watch services to CCTV security systems to making sure the procedures you have in place are working in line with your security goals, we can carry out an audit of your current set up to ensure you are best placed to protect what’s important to you, whilst reducing your chances of becoming a target.
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Here are our key services in relation to threat prevention:

  1. Security Comms – We can arrange awareness programmes, incident reporting systems, and advise on basic crime prevention across your business. Education is always a stepping stone towards prevention.
  2. Static Guards – Acting as visual deterrents, the use of static officers in focal points across your property who will report any worrying behaviour will be an integral part of your strategy. Creating an environment where all employees are ‘on guard’ will be a positive result of this measure.
  3. Step Up Your Set Up – Does your internal and external space lend itself to good surveillance or does it provide criminals with hiding areas? Have you got measures in place around areas where cash handling takes place? We will audit your set up and advise accordingly.
  4. Procedural Measures – Are your internal procedures working in line with your security goals? Are you reducing risks through activities such as shredding confidential data? Are valuables locked away? Simple procedural suggestions will ensure you aren’t an exposed target there for the taking.
  5. Electronic Systems – These can range from the provision of strong locks to site wide CCTV, access control and intruder detection system. These electronic systems can add an extra layer of coverage, keeping your building safe and secure whilst often giving you first detection warnings.

If recent warnings are to be believed, an attack on the UK is highly likely and unfortunately, attacks on business and the public will be indiscriminate.

For specialist consultancy and expert advice on how to prepare and protect your business from this very real and imminent threat contact Churchill Security.


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John Melling is a Director for Churchill Security Ltd. John is a highly motivated, determined and decisive security industry professional. Drawing on his extensive experience gained within the security industry whilst working on the coalface John has operated at all levels within the industry. He has a proven track record for motivating and leading high performance teams and has helped mentor and develop many people at Churchill who now hold key or senior positions within the business. John is committed to delivering only the finest services, exercising compelling leadership, maintaining good internal morale and striving to resolve any challenges efficiently and effectively.