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Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire programme, Baroness Ruth Henig, ex-chair of the Security Industry Authority (SIA), revealed plans to amend the 2003 licensing act to include counter-terror training.

Henig’s announcement comes after a series of high profile terror attacks in Europe, including the November 2015 Paris attacks in which 130 people died.

According to Henig: “There are clearly a number of venues, often larger venues, I think, but not always, who have airport-style security, who, for example, do have metal detectors, who do have very well-trained security personnel and they top up this training regularly.

“But I think at the other end there is a tail of venues who aren’t taking it seriously, we know this from the police, who don’t co-operate, who don’t take up the offer that are made to them and where I think there are some concerns

“And the issue is how do you get to that tail of venues who are perhaps not doing as much as they should be about security.”

The UK’s terror threat is currently at “severe”, which means that an attack is highly likely. With that in mind, it appears that any measure to increase the safety of people in potentially dangerous situations – such as attending a show or concert – should be welcomed.

The Policing and Crime Bill is currently going through parliament, and Henig’s plan is to table an amendment that implements the changes she desires. If she succeeds, the changes will come into effect in the near future. Fingers crossed that she manages it!


If you’re looking to bolster your threat prevention security, we offer several key services that can help you:

  1. Security Guards– Having onsite security staff ensures that your organisation remains maximally vigilant and responsive to any potential threats. Our security guards are trained to the highest industry standards and are all SIA licensed.
  2. Keyholding and Alarm Response– When you use our keyholding and alarm response service, our security guards will respond quickly and efficiently to any alarm call. Night or day, your venue will remain secure.
  3. CCTV Security– CCTV not only acts as a proactive visual deterrent, it also enables you to spot and diffuse any potential threats before they turn into something more sinister. Our CCTV security solutions are expertly installed and operated.
  4. Procedural Measures– It’s imperative that your internal procedures work in line with your security goals. To manage and reduce risk, we can advise on everything from secure data management to the storage of valuables.
  5. Electronic Systems– Ranging from state-of-the-art locks to access control and intruder detection solutions, our electronic systems add an extra layer of security that will keep your premises safe and secure.


To stay ahead of threats, it’s crucial that venues take a proactive approach to ensure the safety of their clientele. If you’d like to find out how we can help you, get in touch with Churchill Security today.

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