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Whatever sort of event you’re planning, you have a duty to ensure the safety of your guests. But small private events – such as weddings and work parties – demand very different safety procedures to festivals and other large events.

So, do you need to hire event security? In this post, we look at some common types of events and the role professional security companies can play in keeping them safe.

Concerts and Festivals

Concert security

Everyone loves a great concert. But concerts and festivals present a variety of hazards. With hundreds or even thousands of people in attendance, crushing between people, crushing against fixed structures, trampling, surging, aggressive behaviour and even dangerous behaviour from the artist (e.g., climbing on equipment and throwing objects) can all pose very real threats.

Additionally, your choice of venue will create risks of its own – especially if your event takes place outdoors. Slipping or tripping due to poorly lit areas, damaged flooring or a build-up of rubbish. Moving vehicles sharing the same routes as pedestrians. Collapsing structures such as fences or barriers. Hot cooking equipment. Equipment failure (e.g., turnstiles). The possibility of fire. All these things can be a danger to attendees.

Unless you’re organising a very small private concert (10-30 people), hiring private event security is a must for concert and festival organisers. A good security contractor will assist with health and safety auditing and planning, erecting barriers, legislative compliance, crowd control, the provision of first-aiders, emergency service liaison, evacuation mapping and more. This will ensure that no one gets hurt, that you remain on the right side of the law and that your event is a success.


Wedding Security

No one likes to see a punch-up at a wedding. But, whether we like it or not, wedding receptions are infamous for their potential to turn nasty. With emotions running high, booze flowing and far-flung family members brought together, it’s important that you do everything you can to make sure your wedding reception runs smoothly.

If you’re hiring a venue, then it will fall to the them to make sure that your event is properly licensed, compliant and safe. If you’re planning a reception on your own, you will need to hire safe food handling trained servers and bar staff, keep your buffet fresh, apply for necessary permits, serve alcohol safely and even consider insurance.

When you rent event security, security officers will keep an eye on children, prevent and remove uninvited or disruptive guests, provide an effective first-response to emergency situations (including first aid and emergency service liaison), safeguard gifts and valuables and help with evacuation planning. For those organising high-profile weddings (such as celebrity weddings), wedding security is a necessity. For smaller receptions, hiring security can help ease nerves and keep things on track.

Private Parties

Do I Need to Hire Security For My Event - Party Security

From birthday blowouts to stag dos and hen nights, we all know that private parties can get a little wild. You’ll probably be looking at hiring catering staff, a DJ and renting some tables. But, depending on the size of your party, you may want to add security to the list.

When you hire security for your party, you will help maintain a safe environment for you and your guests as well as protect your property. If you’re hiring a party venue, the staff there will likely help you with health and safety and evacuation procedures. But, if you’re looking to host the party on private property (or at a venue that doesn’t typically host parties), a good security firm will help you plan escape routes, evacuation procedures and ensure general health and safety compliance.

Remember: if your party is taking place close to a residential area, keep the noise down after 11 pm. Else you may face a noise complaint!

Corporate Events and Conferences

Conference Security

While incidents are rare, hiring professional security for your corporate event will ensure that your event remains safe and that you give your guests peace of mind – which is especially important if your guest list includes high-profile businesspeople or politicians.

Security guards will guide attendees to where they need to be, keep out uninvited guests, help plan evacuation procedures and liaise with the emergency services if necessary. It is also possible to hire first-aid and health and safety trained guards should you wish.

One of the most serious causes of disruption at corporate events are protests and demonstrations. If a company has recently been embroiled in a controversy, activists may target events to get their voices heard. Though in most cases these activities pose little physical threat to your delegates, renting professional security on hand can help diffuse the situation and keep things running efficiently.

Sporting Events

Sports Event Security

Whether it’s a marathon or a football game, with masses of excited fans in attendance, any large sporting event needs adequate security procedures in place. Unfortunately, tragedies have occurred at big sporting events in the past – and many of these were avoidable.

To make sure your event stays safe, it’s important to have comprehensive incident management strategies, risk management practices, health and safety policies and other protective measures in place. Additionally, there is a litany of legislation that major sporting events organisers must adhere to. These can be viewed here.

Professional security guards can assist with crowd control, crime deterrence, diffusion and detainment of violent individuals (such as hooligans), static security, CCTV surveillance and emergency service liaison. Security firms can also provide advice and assistance regarding emergency planning procedure as well as emergency mapping and method.

Sports events should be fun for everyone. To stop things getting out of hand, it’s essential that those organising large events can deploy effective security officers. Even small sports events – such as local football games and fun-runs – may benefit from the presence of security guards.

Churchill Security is a nationwide security company and a trusted provider of event security solutions. We provide professional bespoke event security packages to a wide range of industries. If you’d like to find out how we can help you secure your event, get in touch.

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