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Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions. However, when the alcohol is flowing, emotions are running high and far-flung family members are brought together, things don’t always go exactly as planned…

To make sure that your big day is special for the right reasons, we’ve listed five security tips that you can use to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.


1) Serve Alcohol Safely

For many, having a few drinks is the perfect way to celebrate a loved one’s wedding. But no doubt many of us will be able to remember a time when that one guest had a few too many and made a scene.

To avoid alcohol-related problems, make sure your bartender has been properly trained to serve alcohol responsibly. This means knowing when to refuse to serve someone who’s already too drunk and knowing how to store alcohol safely.


2) Have Plans in Place

Confusion can lead to disaster. When people don’t know what they’re doing, where they’re supposed to be and what’s going on, the chances that something will go wrong are higher.

Have a plan for everything – if there’s a problem with the food, if the weather leaves something to be desired, if DJ doesn’t turn up, if someone gets hurt, if someone gets too drunk, if an argument breaks out and so on. It may seem excessive, but having plans in place can save a you lot of trouble on the day.


3) Keep Your Buffet Fresh and List Allergens

If you’re having a buffet, make sure that your caterer is properly trained. Hot food should be served hot and cold food should be served cold – nothing should be lukewarm. Don’t leave dairy- and egg-based foods in hot areas where bacteria can flourish. Additionally, have your caterer list the allergens contained in each dish, so that anyone with an intolerance knows exactly what they can and can’t eat.


4) Consider Insurance

Unfortunately, weddings are a target for thieves and criminals. Cloak rooms often house a treasure-trove of valuables, people may leave bags and phones laying around and the venue’s property itself may be targeted. Getting insurance is a pre-requisite for hiring some venues, since most policies cover intentional as well as unintentional damage. This means that, if something goes missing or damaged, the property can be replaced or repaired.


5) Hire Professional Security

More and more people are choosing to hire professional security for their weddings. With the average cost of a wedding standing at around £25,000 (an increase of 21 percent since 2014 – the last time figures were gathered), couples are eager to make sure their day goes exactly as planned.

Professional security guards will keep an eye on children, operate door control, remove uninvited guests, remove disruptive guests, provide an effective first-response to emergency situations (including first aid and emergency service liaison), safeguard gifts and valuables and help with evacuation planning.


Churchill Security is a cross-industry security company and an expert wedding security supplier. We have created tailored wedding security packages for over 20 years. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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