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Following our most recent assessment, Churchill Security is pleased to announce that it is now in the top five percent of all members of the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS).

The top 15 percent of ACS accredited contractors are known the ACS Pacesetters, and are recognised for their ability to provide an excellent standard of service and a high degree of care for their employees.

After extensive assessment, ACS accreditation is awarded only to those companies which are able to demonstrate the quality of their offering and their conformance to industry best practices. This requires an in-depth analysis of their business processes, policies, quality of service and compliance.

ACS approved contractors are required to deliver a customer-focused service and increased flexibility. This ensures that any issues can be overcome in the delivery of a service and means that all solutions are tailored to meet each customers’ specific requirements, as opposed to “off-the-shelf” packages.

Those companies which fall into the highest percentiles are recognised as industry leaders and innovators. This means that such companies are very likely to be highly responsive to change and swift to adopt new methods and best practices.

This is reflected in the ACS’s “continual improvement” requirement. In order to raise industry standards over time, companies seeking accreditation today are required to do more than those which sought accreditation when the scheme was launched – and those applying in the future will have to do even more again. This year’s changes include:

• A requirement to train all employees in protection of the public
• A requirement to test the competence of all new staff employed
• A requirement to start preparation of pensions auto-enrolment

The best ACS contractors also become members of the SIA’s “extended police family”, meaning that the police recognise ACS accreditation and often choose the best ACS accredited companies to enhance working relationships.

Those looking to hire security services can use ACS accreditation as a way to ensure that the company they choose is able to adequately meet their security obligations to their staff, shareholders and stakeholders.

We take external accreditation extremely seriously, since this is the best way to apply pressure to our processes and approach. Entering the top five percent of all ACS approved contractors demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best possible service and to operating a modern, progressive business. We are incredibly proud of this achievement.

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Mat Cook

Director at Churchill Security Ltd

Mat is a decisive and determined member of the team but he is also first class leader and as Director at Churchill Security he is responsible for exercising leadership, maintaining a high morale and directing and inspecting the performance of security personnel who have been assigned to sites up and down the country.