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According to a review by leading insurer Allianz Cornhill, over £70 million of construction plant – such as excavators, compressors and even cranes – has been stolen from construction sites over the last year. Factoring in the additional costs associated with plant theft, such as hiring replacement plant, loss of business and increased insurance premiums, the true cost of this theft is estimated to exceed £800 million a year.

To help you secure your assets, we’ve listed our construction site security tips.

Illuminate Your Jobsite

Nothing entices thieves like a shadowy target. Operating in the safety of darkness makes stealing valuable kit much easier – and drastically reduces the chances of getting caught. Thieves are less likely to attempt to steal from sites where they are likely to be spotted or identified. Properly illuminating your site is one of the best defences against thieves and vandals.

Install CCTV

Simply having a CCTV system will act as a major deterrent to potential thieves. So, if you have one, advertise that fact with signs. In the event that a thief does risk it, a good CCTV system will enable you to spot and react to any unwarranted intrusions, identify the individuals involved and, in the case of a successful robbery, analyse the crime to see what was taken.

Erect Perimeter Security

The first line of defence, your perimeter is one of the most important elements of your security plan. Depending on how long the site will be there, where it’s located and what equipment is stored on site, a fence, boards, barbed wire or sensors may be most appropriate.  Good perimeter security will deter thieves and make it far more difficult for them to break into your site.

Put Up Theft Deterring Signs

Criminals don’t want to be caught. The higher they believe the chances of being apprehended are, the less likely they will be to attempt a burglary. So shout about the fact your site is protected by placing signs around your perimeter, on interior buildings and on expensive plant itself.

Hire Construction Site Security

A good security guard provider will assess your site and create a bespoke security solution to meet your specific needs. In terms of construction site security, your package may include a combination of static and mobile guards, gate house security and access control, security fencing, CCTV installation, CCTV monitoring, delivery handling and more.

Churchill Security is an established UK construction security provider. We supply bespoke construction site security solutions to our partners in the building industry. These ensure that their premises and plant are properly protected.

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