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moped crime

The Met have released figures showing that, from June 2016 to June 2017, police recorded 16,158 thefts by people using mopeds. That is three times as many as the year before! But moped criminals are doing more than just stealing.

In addition to theft, acid attacks carried out by moped riders are one of the crimes that have risen the most dramatically. And it’s London that’s suffering the most. In fact, Met figures show that, this year, there have been 431 acid attacks in London – a staggering 261 more than the previous year.

So why are criminals choosing to use mopeds?


Pursuit of Suspects

One of the biggest attractions of moped crime is how easy it is to make a quick get-a-way. Police have faced many challenges in their ability to catch criminals on mopeds due to their ability to weave through traffic, mount pavements, or speed down small alleys.

Additionally, police have raised concerns regarding the potential risks of being prosecuted if a pursuit results in a crash. Due to the increase in these crimes, the Home Office is to review the law around police pursuits to look at whether police carrying out these pursuits have the correct legal protections.


Stealing Mopeds

It is extremely easy for criminals to get their hands on a moped or bike. Typically, all it takes is a simple twist of the handle bars to break the steering lock, then the moped can be wheeled away. Once the criminal has crossed the wires, they are ready to go.

In the past year, 14,943 mopeds and bikes were reported stolen; this figure highlights how easy it is for criminals to get hold of them. With so many stolen mopeds around, it’s very easy for criminals to get hold of one to carry out thefts, robberies and other moped crimes.


Protecting Yourself

We live in a society where many people carry around expensive and valuable belongings – sometimes in plain sight of criminals. Our smart phones are one of the biggest targets for criminals and it is crucial that we protect ourselves and our belongings.

Always be aware of your surroundings and ensure that your valuables are hidden away, as this will make you more of a target for criminals. It is all too easy for a criminal to snatch your bag or phone if you are distracted. It is essential that we take the steps necessary to prevent ourselves from becoming a victim of these crimes.


What to Do if Your Phone is Stolen

Track It: Prepare for your phone being stolen by downloading one of the phone tracking applications offered by IOS and Android. This way, you will be able to locate your phone after it goes missing.

Change Critical Passwords: Immediately change any important passwords to applications you have such as social media accounts, online banking and email.

Remote-Wipe: If you’re sure that your phone has been stolen and will not be returned, wipe the device. This way your important information and details will not be used.


How to Prevent Your Moped Being Stolen

Lock It: Wherever you park your moped, ensure that you use a lock to secure it. This acts as a preventive measure to thieves who may have spotted it.

Tracking Device: Tracking devices are now commonly available on the market; although not everyone can afford one, it is worth considering if you own an expensive bike.

Hide It: The less that your moped is seen, the less chance it has of being stolen. Keep it in your garage, or if you don’t have a garage, at least keep it covered.


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