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Liverpool is a city steeped in history. Home to two premier league football clubs, and famous for being the birth place of the Beatles, it is also a culturally rich city. The Albert Dock has even been designated a World Heritage Site – putting it on par with the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.


With a population of around 473,100, Liverpool is a busy and culturally diverse place – encompassing a wide range of people, cultures and religions. These factors combined have contributed to Liverpool becoming a popular tourist destination, attracting 75 million tourists per year.

Like other big cities, Liverpool faces big city problems. Statistics taken from 2016-2017 show that the total number of crimes reported was around 21,800. There were 7,196 reported cases of anti-social behaviour, 1,917 reported cases of burglary and 1,714 vehicle related crimes.

Read our tips to ensure your trip to Liverpool is a safe and enjoyable one.


Keep Valuables Hidden

These days, almost everyone carries around expensive smartphones and devices. We’re not saying that in Liverpool you’re guaranteed to get robbed. But carrying them in plain sight will make you much more of a target compared to somebody who has their belongings hidden away.


Anticipate Large Crowds

There is nowhere busier in Liverpool than the city centre on a Saturday afternoon – especially if there is a match on. Be aware of large crowds, be patient with those around you and stick with your group. Check to see if any major events are taking place during your trip, and plan accordingly.


Keep Street Encounters Short

You’ll notice that, in Liverpool, people start up a conversation with anyone. Scousers are some of the friendliest, most happy-go-lucky people in the UK. But this does not mean that there aren’t bad people out there. Be aware of your surroundings and be careful of anyone who approaches you.


Be Discreet

Avoid rummaging through your bag or counting money in public. Make sure your bag or purse is always closed. Keeping your money out of sight, and hiding expensive belongings will avoid drawing unnecessary attention.


Using Public Transport

The city centre is small in Liverpool, and most places are within walking distance. If you are going to a match or travelling further out the city, you will have to get a bus, train or taxi. Make sure you know when the last trains and buses are so you do not get stuck. Always know where you’re going and have a route planned.


Use Your Intuition

If something doesn’t feel right, a route, a bar, a taxi driver – don’t do it. There are plenty of alternatives and often instincts are right, so listen to them. It is much safer to avoid a situation altogether than to risk putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

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