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If you hadn’t noticed…Christmas is fast approaching! And this is when customers’ expectations are at their highest. Total sales for Christmas 2016 reached a whopping £77.6 billion, of which £21.0 billion came from online sales. To get the most out of the busiest trading period of the year, and to ensure no damage to your reputation, it is essential that warehouses get it right.

The switch to e-commerce means that more people are doing their Christmas spending online – heightening the demand on the logistics and transportation industries. It’s expected that online retail will grow by 14% in 2017 – making it crucial that you have a highly organised logistics plan in place to ensure you meet your customer’s needs.

We know, it’s not always easy to get orders to people that were placed on the 22nd of December. Sometimes it’s just impossible. But, by planning ahead, your business can avoid them not-so merry mistakes and enjoy the festive season knowing you did everything possible to ensure your customers were satisfied.



Predicting peak volumes and forecasting sales is a hugely important part of ensuring your business is prepared for busy trading periods. You should forecast the amount of space required for storage and distribution activities.

Running into a situation where you have an overflow of products could be detrimental to your performance during the festive season. You may even find that you need to hire more staff – a situation you would rather handle beforehand, before it’s too late.


Demanding Customers

Customers increasingly expect a seamless, fast online shopping experience. Although many customers will leave shopping till the last minute, it is important that they experience the same delivery service they would any other time of the year.

A good online shopping experience and a retailer’s reputation depend heavily on the smooth delivery of goods, meaning proper planning and organisation is necessary to ensure successful peak trading – whether that be Easter, Christmas or Black Friday.



Are your goods are properly protected? With Christmas comes a heightened risk of warehouse theft – something that would be devastating for your business and your customers. Theft can come from intruders or even your own employees.

Having an expert security solution in place means that you can be sure your goods are safe. Read our article for more information on tips for keeping your factory or industrial site safe.


Processing Returns

With excessive spending comes excessive returning. Not everyone will be happy with their purchases and these people will expect a hassle-free, full refund. Reverse logistics need to be factored and planned into your plans for the Christmas period.

It’s important to plan how return orders will be processed quickly, in a way that will keep your customers happy with the overall shopping experience.



Transportation is usually booked several months prior to the Christmas period. You should pay special attention to your transportation network management to maintain a high level of productivity, speed and flexibility. Additional transportation requirements may be necessary to aid with unexpected events.

Churchill Security is a respected provider of expert factory and industrial security solutions. Our industrial security guards and officers are all trained to the highest standards and are SIA licensed. We are in the top 10 percent of ACS accredited security providers and have extensive experience in the provision of factory and industrial security.

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