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Are you organising an event? If so, good – this article is for you. Planning events is difficult. Whether you’re organising a work do or a conference, a wedding or a birthday party, you need to be aware of some of the common mistakes that event planners make.

As such, we’ve listed the top five event planning mistakes and how to avoid them.


Miscalculating Set Up Time

Getting everything ready for your event takes time. In fact, it often takes much more time than you think. It’s important that everything is in place before your first guests arrive; having staff running about getting things sorted looks unprofessional and lax.

How to Avoid It

The best way to prevent a set up time miscalculation is to deliberately allocate yourself too much time. It’s far better to have everything ready too early than to get caught out. With the obvious exception of food and drink, our advice is to plan to have everything ready to go one hour before your event is due to take place.


Misjudging Space

Your event sells out. Brilliant! But now you find out you can’t fit all your guests into your venue. It may sound obvious, but overselling events is a big problem. And one that threatens to really annoy attendees – especially if they’re denied entry.

How to Avoid It

When you first begin planning your event, you should have at least a rough idea about how many people are likely to attend. Make sure you know the minimum number of attendees you need to make your event viable, and set a ticket cap above that figure. If you don’t want to enforce a cap, make sure you have a few potential venues on standby so that you can change if needed.


Failing to Create Contingency Plans

You can organise Plan A to a tee. But all the planning in the world won’t help if you don’t have a Plan B. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law often proves to be all too true. When it does, even those things you consider most secure can go out of the window.

How to Avoid It

Make sure you have provisions in place should anything go wrong with the critical elements of your event – that is, elements which the success of your event hinges on. This will include food and drink, venue, speakers, equipment and more. So long as you have a Plan B in place for every critical element, nothing should prevent your event going ahead.



Many hands make light work. This is especially true when it comes to running an event. Having enough trained staff on-hand is necessary for any event to go smoothly. Fail to get enough of the right people to help you, and you risk turning your event into a shambles.

How to Avoid It

Depending on what type of event you’re organising, you may need bar staff, ushers, event security guards, access controllers, and more. Ensure that you have enough of each and that each member of staff is properly trained and given a clear role and responsibilities.


Picking A Poor Date

Your event needs to take place on a day that works for everyone – not just you! After putting in so much planning, seeing a low turnout can be devastating. But if you choose a bad date, that’s exactly what will happen.

How to Avoid It

Take a good look at a calendar. Does your date clash with any other similar events? Locally and nationally, is anything else happening that day that may impact turnout (e.g., a religious celebration, big spots fixture or even the final of Britain’s Got Talent)? Is the day you’ve chosen compatible with your event – not many people want to party on a Wednesday night, for example.


Churchill Security is an experienced event security provider. If you’re organising event, it’s crucial that you consider health & safety and security. Our highly-qualified event security staff can help you plan your event safely and will implement first-class security on the big day.

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