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With the Royal Wedding nearly upon us and media intensity growing, the focus is not only on the bride, the dress and the ceremony but also on the major security plans surrounding it…    

Indeed, Bridebook has estimated security costs for the celebrations on May 19 to be upwards of £30 million! While your wedding may not be quite as big as Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle’s, it’s still likely to be one of the biggest and most expensive days of your life… and one which you want to remember for all the right reasons. Wedding security might be a royal pain but it’s not something you can afford to forget.

Here are a few security implications you need to think about when planning your own big day…


While nobody wants to put a damper on a wedding, booze can make or break the mood: mixing estranged family and friends with high emotions and unlimited alcohol is a recipe for drama. With excessive drinking comes a greater risk of punch-ups, accidents and even alcohol-related health emergencies. It is therefore important to ensure somebody is keeping an eye on who is drinking what and how much, especially if there is an open bar, bottles of wine on the tables and if there are youngsters around.


While it’s unlikely your wedding celebrations will attract terrorists or the paparazzi, it’s possible you may get a few uninvited guests: disgruntled relatives wishing to cause trouble, unwelcome plus-ones, strangers playing their luck at the free bar and even thieves. Uninvited guests might just be a mild inconvenience, but unwanted guests will cause trouble. Having someone keeping tabs on who is coming through the door, particularly once the lights are dipped and the dance floor is full, will leave the newlyweds free to worry about their first dance rather than who is not on the guest list.


Weddings in their nature can attract criminals: with expensive gifts aplenty, unmonitored cloakrooms and belongings left lying around, as well as vehicles abandoned overnight, they present a prime hunting ground for thieves. While insurance is recommended so that any missing property is replaced, security measures such as monitored entry points and secure carparking could prevent quite a few headaches in the morning.

The Venue

Along with the happy couple and guests’ belongings, the venue itself may be open to abuse, from accidental damage to drunken vandalism and light-fingered revellers to more serious criminal behaviour. Whether your nuptials and reception take place indoors or outdoors, in a grand castle or a modest marquee, consideration needs to be given to securing the site. Venues tend to request an upfront deposit and although wedding insurance for the site is not always compulsory, it is advisable. Make sure you’re covered: after all, a huge clean-up bill isn’t what you want hanging over you whilst on honeymoon.

Emergency Situations

Although there are possible situations that cannot be foreseen such as medical emergencies and fires, many can be prevented with a bit of preparation. If you’re having a buffet, check the caterer will follow proper food safety procedures and that they can provide a list of allergens. Similarly, check the venue has all the required fire safety certificates. To be even more prepared should the worst happen, a first aid trained individual and evacuation procedures could be put in place.


Hiring security guards could provide that extra level of protection, giving you real peace of mind for the big day. Professional security guards not only act as a deterrent to thieves and troublemakers, but they can also offer support such as door control, conflict management and removal of unwanted guests where appropriate, first aid and evacuation planning, as well as delivering first-response in an emergency.

Having experienced security staff on hand can help ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch… so that you can focus on actually getting hitched!


Churchill provides comprehensive wedding security and can work with you to create a tailored package to meet your specific needs for the big day – whether that’s directing guests and operating access control, first aid and evacuation planning or situation management and emergency service liaison. Call 0808 250 5992 to find out how we can help you.

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