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Churchill Security Ltd has been made aware that a phishing site imitating www.churchillsecurity.co.uk has been operating on a fake domain churchill-security.com.

Phishing is a type of fraud which involves intentionally misleading people into providing their personal data.  In this case the fake website is designed to trick visitors to the site into trusting that it’s a reputable website and therefore you are providing your sensitive information to the company you intend it to go to.   The phishing site targeted personal information and documents via fake job advertisements across the UK including Indeed, Government portals, Universal Job Match and other well-known recruitment companies and recruitment websites.

As soon as the fake website was brought to our attention we immediately contacted the company hosting the website and as of the evening 5th June 2018, the false site has been taken down.

The matter has been reported to the Police and their Action Fraud department who are currently conducting their own investigations into this fraudulent activity.

We advise that anybody who may have submitted any personal information should report this to the Police Action Fraud team on 0300 123 2040 and their bank immediately.

In respect to this fake website, the fraudsters have created a hoax website with the name of our company but have changed the URL (the website address) very slightly so it is hard to spot. Please be aware that only jobs listed on this domain www.churchillsecurity.co.uk and referencing the same domain are genuine.

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