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With the World Cup in Russia well underway and the Wimbledon Championships just kicking off, sporting event security is in the headlines. As terrorism remains a threat, and with events drawing large crowds previously falling victim to attacks, it’s imperative that organisers create a secure environment at the venue or stadium.

Whether you’re planning a major international tournament or a local derby, security is an integral part of ensuring the safety of your participants, spectators and officials. Here’s why you should consider hiring professional security guards to protect your sports event, the fans and your reputation:


To Control Access

As with any event, it’s important to regulate who has access at a sports venue to prevent unwelcome guests getting in, whether they be gatecrashers or serious criminals. Even if it’s a free event, you’ll need a physical way of monitoring and controlling who is on site. That’s where professional security personnel come in: security guards and officers can direct spectators, check tickets, prevent overcrowding and monitor for any dangerous and banned items. They can also erect and monitor physical barriers such as security fences, turnstiles and CCTV to protect against unauthorised access, keeping unwanted people and items out and those inside safe.


Deterring Criminals and Reassuring Fans

The presence of security guards at a sporting event will act as a highly visible deterrent to help lower the risk of criminal or dangerous activity. Static security and mobile patrols will not only help prevent crime, but will also put spectators at ease, ensuring fans of all ages can relax and enjoy the competition safely and securely.


Controlling a Crowd

If the prosecco and pints are flowing, and emotions are running high, it’s only too easy for fans to get carried away. Professional security guards are trained in crowd control and can monitor for and manage a huge range of potential threats, whether it be a rowdy fan or an overcrowding issue. They will look out for suspicious activity, assess the situation and deal with any incidents quickly and effectively, protecting the spectators and preventing disruption to the competition.


In Case of Emergency

If any incidents do develop further, professional security guards can provide a rapid response solution. A good private security provider will be able to help with emergency planning procedure and evacuation mapping before the event to ensure that if any emergencies do occur, they are dealt with in the safest possible way. Security guards may also be trained to deliver first aid in a medical emergency, and they will be able to liaise with the emergency services and provide incident reports.


Churchill Security is an established event security company and can provide comprehensive sporting event security solutions across the UK. Established in 1993, Churchill Security possesses a wealth of security experience and can provide security for any type of sports event.

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