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A comprehensive security plan for your business will cover all aspects of security – from the physical security risks that your business faces and how you tackle them, to the threat of cyber-attacks.

Protecting your premise and people with physical security measures such as security guards, CCTV cameras and exterior security lighting will protect from any physical security threats. Our article Protecting Your Business from Physical Security Threats provides tips on ensuring your building are people are protected.

Cyber threats are much harder to detect and can be extremely detrimental to your business. In today’s society, a cyber attack is as much a risk for small businesses as it is for large organisations. Reports have shown that for the year ending March 2018, there were six million cyber crimes committed in the UK excluding fraud and computer misuse.

Furthermore, in the last 12 months, 43 percent of businesses experienced a cyber security breach or attack, with 74 percent of businesses claiming that cyber security is a high priority for their organisations senior management. Stats like this show that the threat of cyber crime is huge, and it will only increase as technology continues to evolve. It is important that all businesses, no matter the size, take this into consideration when developing a security plan.

The effects from a cyber attack can be huge, including suffering substantial monetary losses and reputation damage that could take many years to rebuild. Businesses that are the victim of a cyber breach will also generally incur costs that are associated with repairing affected systems.


There is no doubt that a cyber attack on your business is something that you want to avoid at all costs, so we have put together some steps that you can take to minimise the chances of your business becoming a victim of this crime:

– Carry out regular backups of your key systems and data and keep copies securely off-site.

– Make sure that all your software and operating systems are up to date and any new security patches are applied. You can in some cases set your operating systems to auto-update or download the new security patches automatically

– Install and update anti-virus and anti-malware software on all the devices that your business and your employees use

– Use a password generator to set the passwords of your employees as they will be much harder to break hack into

– Encrypt sensitive data and do not send sensitive data or passwords by email encrypted

– If an employee is working from a location other than their business, ensure that they use a VPN (virtual private network) if they are using public Wi-Fi or an unsecure network.


As well as taking technical measures to ensure your business is secure, you should also encourage a culture within your business that promotes awareness of cyber security. These are some things that you can do to create a culture of cyber security:

– Implementing a bring-your-own-device policy can help to educate employees on the risks of cyber attacks on their own devices.

– Carry out password training for employees to ensure that they are knowledgeable in creating a strong password and keeping it secure

– Undertake email training to avoid phishing attacks as this will educate employees to spot emails and not fall for phishing

– It is also a good idea to encourage senior management to take on board the promotion of cyber security awareness. If leadership follow it, the rest of your business will too

– As well as carrying out all the above steps, you should keep up to date with new technologies and practices. Be prepared for updating your software regularly and adopting new tools and technologies that will enable your business to stay on top of cyber security and ensure that you never fall victim to an attack



Churchill Security is a leading provider of security services across the UK. With more than 20 years in the industry, we can provide your business with a bespoke and comprehensive security solution including security guards and CCTV installation and monitoring

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