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If you run a retail business, you’ll no doubt be preparing for Black Friday.  

Without effective retail security measures, you open yourself up to suffering potential significant and damaging losses.

Over the last five years UK shoppers have become increasingly more interested in bargains on the US-created day. A survey conducted by Google Trends  in 55 countries found out that the average British shopper will spend £300 on deals.

No matter how many customers you’re expecting to come into your shop it’s always better to be prepared for potential chaos in the form of burglaries or throngs of people clambering to get in for the sales.

Shoplifting is still a huge issue in some areas of the UK, costing the economy more than £6billion.

The number of reported offences has risen from 300,000 in 2012-2013 to 370,000 last year.

Read these six sure-fire ways to deter any criminal behaviour from occurring in your shop.

Front of House at Entrance

Having security officers stood at the entrance to your retail space is one of the most effective forms of deterring crime.

Not only does it signal to potential thieves that your store is vigilant, it also gives customers reassurance that there is someone there to help.

By greeting people as they enter, this is more welcoming to shoppers and your staff will be able to recognise suspects by their appearance quicker in the event of an incident.

Fitting Room Attendants

Thieves are known to hide in fitting rooms, remove security tags and hide them in the linings of curtains. They will then try to get past fitting room attendants serving other customers that are going in or leaving the fitting room.

Make sure there are at least two or three staff members at one fitting room, especially during busy periods such as Black Friday when shops tend to be slightly more chaotic.

Check that rooms have been cleared of clothes/accessories and are kept clean and hygienic – it’s also an effective way of making sure nobody is “hogging” a cubicle.

Teams of Till Staff

Rather than having one staff member per till, having two people at till points can prevent people from distracting the cashier with long-winded questions, swiping goods in the process.

If one person deals with packing bags and one with processing and payment, it also makes the queue go along quicker.

It also acts as a way of ensuring there is another witness to any suspicious activity, and if an incident was to occur, two staff members could potentially deal with it in a smoother and least-disruptive way.

Ask Customers if They Need Help

As cliché as it may be, a simple “Can I help you with anything?” to customers browsing the shop is not only being helpful but is a security tactic.

Having teams of staff tidying up the shop floor is a way of looking out for anything suspicious and responding rapidly to a crime.

Retail security officers can also take a walk around the space occasionally to add extra protection.

Lock Store Rooms and Staff Rooms

Always ensure extra safety for employees by keeping store rooms and staff rooms PIN locked.

Placing extra security near the doorways to these can be a deterrent, especially in larger retail spaces.

Overcrowded shops can often mean it’s harder to catch criminals slipping through the door to these places. By making sure you’ve secured the access to staff-only areas, you can protect your business from any criminal behaviour.

Staff Check-Ups

No one expects their own staff to commit a crime and attempt to steal from their own place of work, but unfortunately it does happen and can cost your retail business hefty monetary and reputational damages.

By hiring a security officer to check everyone’s bags and coats on exiting the building after work hours, you’ll be instilling into everyone that you won’t be taking chances with anybody.

In a time when debt is at a record high, and people are desperate to have what they can’t afford, people can be led to do things which they will regret, no matter what their circumstances.


Churchill Security is a national, cross-industry security company. We have been providing bespoke retail security solutions to the retail industry for over 20 years and we offer a truly customer-centric approach.

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