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Owning a construction business will no doubt demand a lot from both you as the owner and the work of your employees.

The construction sector is one of the biggest industries in the UK, employing around 2.9 million people.

Worryingly, construction sites are often targeted by criminals who will attempt to steal expensive tools and machinery, so it is important that you take the steps necessary to secure your site.

Below we have listed eight construction security tips that will ensure your site remains a safe work environment for you and your employees and that your machinery is protected.


Emergency Planning/Health and Safety Check-Ups

According to UK government statistics, over the past year there have been 39 fatalities to construction workers and four to members of the public, on average, each year over the last five years.

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, incurring accidents which can range between falling from height, being struck by an object, slips, trips and electrocution.

To prevent the likelihood of accidents occurring in your workplace, you should implement health and safety measures such as warning signs, reminders for staff to wear hard hats and high-vis clothing, as well as gloves, masks or safety goggles if necessary.

Check that there’s no hazardous materials or obstacles on floors and that all staff are aware of fire escapes and emergency procedures in the event of an evacuation.

Make sure that there are first aid qualified employees, including a manager, to assist people who’s lives could be in danger after an accident or due to health-related injuries.


Have a Physical Security Presence

Hiring a physical security presence is an effective way of deterring criminals and unwanted guests from trying to access your construction premises.

By spotting intruders straight away, this will provide instant safety for not only your premises, but your workforce too.

Security guards which monitor your premises regularly can prevent stock from being stolen, as well as car park monitoring to ensure there are no break-ins to cars.

Having guards at entrances into sites is also highly recommended as they can check employee ID passes, issue visitors their own day passes and ensure they sign log books.


Install Burglar Alarms

Construction sites are often burgled due to expensive equipment and the large scale of sites often means criminals can hide easily.

According to a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building, the biggest crime experienced by the construction industry is theft, with 92 percent of respondents saying that there sites are stolen from on a weekly basis.

To prevent criminals from stealing from your business premises, you should install burglar alarms and have them regularly serviced to decrease the chances of theft.

Churchill Security are experts in security, and therefore can provide various systems such as burglar alarms, CCTV, security lighting and fire alarms.


CCTV Installation

Acting as a third eye to suspicious activity is CCTV security, which can be monitored from numerous locations and can provide you with the reassurance that if criminal activity was to occur, you have evidence that can stand up in a court of law.

Consider installing CCTV cameras for added peace of mind that your business isn’t under threat from criminals or misconduct from employees of any kind.


Sensory Night Lights

Motion sensor security lights are effective deterrents for alerting you and security officials on watch for any intruders.

Wires placed underground and behind obstacles will prevent intruders from spotting the motion sensor lights and increase the chances of stopping burglars in their tracks.

Place lights at a height which won’t be accessible to vandals and lock the electrical box or meter where controls for the lights can’t be tampered with, without authorised access.


Penalty Signs

Display penalty signs around your site, warning of the criminal offence’s thieves will be committing as well as fines they must pay to make it clear no unwarranted behaviour will be tolerated.

Trespassing is a serious criminal offence and intruders should be reminded that there are no exceptions when it comes to making an arrest.

Ensure signs which warn people of the consequences are clearly visible and unable to be taken down or vandalised easily.


Update PIN/Pass Codes

Construction sites often have expensive machinery and equipment, which means you must take extra precautions with securing these with locks and passwords.


Concrete Fencing

Building concrete fencing at a reasonable height will decrease the chances of intruders accessing your construction premises.

Adding to the very top of the fence either barbed or razor wire, making sure warning signs are displayed clearly.

Any bushes or hedges nearby should be regularly trimmed and clear so that fencing is visible.


Churchill Security is a leading national provider of bespoke construction security solutions. We have been providing first-class security services to the construction sector for 25 years. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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