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Are You Thinking of Selling Your Security Business?

Churchill Security is looking to accelerate our growth and expansion, and with a secured £5m ring-fenced for acquisitions, we are now on the search for suitable companies in the security industry to acquire.

Since Churchill Security was established in 1993, we have grown to offer a complete range of security services throughout the UK and we have expanded to provide office cleaning, health & safety, caretaking services and electronic systems.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, look no further. With a turnover of £12.2m and a £5m war chest under our belt to support our future acquisitions, Churchill Security are the buyers of choice.


Why Churchill Security?

Striking the perfect balance between growing organically due to paving the way in the security industry, and benefiting from growth through strategic mergers, acquisitions are a fundamental component of our future roadmap.

Today, Churchill stands as a leading provider within the security industry in the UK and our vision for the future is clear. We are proactively searching for businesses that will compliment Churchill Security today and, in the future, whilst aiding growth and further expansion.


Selling Your Business?

We are choosing our acquisitions carefully, as we aim to enhance our range of services, increase our wealth in skills and experience, and bring onboard clients we would otherwise be without.

Businesses we would be interested in talking to include those providing manned guarding, security systems, CCTV monitoring services and facilities management. We understand now more than ever the imperative need to find the ‘right fit’ for both the Seller and the Buyer.

Whether you want to sell your business completely, remain involved or become a shareholder, there are many different pathways and options available for a successful acquisition.

If you are interested in an informal chat about the opportunities Churchill Security could offer you and your business, get in touch with our dedicated acquisitions team today at ma@churchillsecurity.co.uk.

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John is highly motivated and an asset to Churchill's team with over eight years of experience within the industry. As a director in the company John is responsible for managing the client relationship team, John ensures that every client is listened to in order for Churchill to provide the best, high quality, cost-effective service that meets their specific requirements.