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This month, we looked at a range of topics, including the rising levels of violence on British railways, how to prevent supermarket theft, the appointment of three new corporate directors, and a checklist for healthcare organisations to use to assess their security practices.

We also updated The Top Ten Most Dangerous Areas in England and Wales, and gave some tips for how businesses operating in energy and natural resources space can protect their premises.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that Churchill Security will support a trio of friends planning to hike from the Wirral to Snowdon to raise funds for homeless ex-service personnel.

We hope you enjoy these articles. Keep an eye on our News and Insights section throughout March for more.

1. Violent Crime on British Railways is Increasing – How to Stay Safe

People in railway station at night

A recent surge in crime on Britain’s rail networks means that it’s important to make sure you stay safe when you travel.

Read our advice for how to ensure you and your fellow passengers stay safe and unharmed whenever you’re travelling via train.

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2. Ten Tips on How to Prevent Supermarket Theft from Your Business

Prevent theft from your supermarket business with effective security

Whether you’re the manager of a small convenience store or a multi-chain supermarket, theft is always a threat which can strike at any moment and jeopardise your retail security. Find out how to protect your supermarket.

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3. Churchill Security Expand Appointing 3 New Directors of Corporate Accounts

Read more about our three new corporate account directors

A new year brings with it the appointment of three new Directors of Corporate Accounts at Churchill Security. The three newly-appointed Directors of Corporate Accounts will ensure that we are able to continue to meet increasing demand for expert security services across the UK.

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4. A Checklist to See if Your Hospital Security is At Risk

Hospital security should be carefully considered

It’s important that healthcare organisations are able to deal with the many threats encountered in the public sector – threats which affect both patients and employees.

Consider the following questions when you are implementing security in your hospital, GP clinic or other healthcare facility.

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5. Is Your Solar Farm or Windfarm Properly Protected?

Get security today for your solar wind farm

By following some simple strategies, windfarm and solar farm proprietors can boost their security and protect their assets. As a baseline, all windfarm and solar farm owners should implement the “Triple P” approach – Promote, Protect and Prevail.

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6. The Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas in England and Wales (Updated for 2019)

The Most Dangerous Areas In England And Wales Updated For 2019

We’ve looked at crime rates in proportion to population for each of the 43 policing areas across England and Wales – ranking them based on the number of offences committed per 1,000 people (excluding fraud).

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7. Leon’s Story

An ex-soldier who will soon join Churchill Security has pledged to help raise £5,000 for the Royal British Legion for homeless ex-service personnel.

Leon Parker will hike 69 miles from the Wirral to Snowdon in under 36 hours, with his fellow ex-serviceman Simon Parker and Mel Pengelly of Pengelly Young.

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8. Six Steps Towards Increased Energy and Natural Resources Security

Windfarm at sunset in field

Energy and natural resources security is an essential element for any business supplying energy services. Threats to the industry present themselves in the form of thieves targeting cables, plant machinery and generators – and occasionally, activists seeking to cause disruption.

Here are six steps to follow when it comes to safeguarding your energy and natural resources business from harm.

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