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It’s the day you’ve been planning, saving up for, and dreaming about since you said ‘Yes’ to your significant other all those moons ago. Everything is set for your wedding day and you’re looking forward to tying the knot and setting-off for your honeymoon as newlyweds.

Wherever your wedding will be and no matter how many guests are due to attend, there is no doubt you’ll want each person to feel safe and be accounted for throughout the ceremony and after party.

No one likes the idea of their special day being ruined by gate-crashers, inappropriate behaviour or dangerous situations. Better to consider these top five wedding security tips to ensure your wedding has no unwanted surprises:


  1. Hire Security Guards

By far the most effective way to deter uninvited guests from stepping foot in your wedding venue is to hire professional security guards. Any argumentative guests or guests who do anything to upset you and your guests will be dealt with immediately. Churchill Security have First Aid trained guards who will be able to handle emergency situations and help save lives. They can also conduct incident reports, monitor entrances and keep a checklist of who has entered and left the venue.


  1. Check the Venue Has CCTV

Checking if the wedding venue has CCTV security will help prove that if anything unsolicited does occur on your wedding day, evidence can be provided in a court case. Cameras placed near entrances and exits, receptions, bars, car parks and banquet rooms will ensure that nothing goes amiss and these can be monitored by the venue staff consistently.


  1. Secure Cloakrooms and Gift Areas

Cloakrooms that are either password protected or manned by staff will help to safeguard valuables from the start of your special day until the last guest leaves. Knowing that there is a secure place to store personal possessions and gifts for the newlyweds, will give you peace of mind that the likelihood of anything being stolen is minimal.


  1. Monitor Alcohol Consumption

Inevitably, a wedding will involve plenty of drinks and clinking of glasses to toast the new couple. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as there’s someone either working behind the bar or on the management team of the venue to keep an eye on how much alcohol guests consume. Also make sure there is someone to check IDs for anyone who looks younger than 18. Checking the venue for messes made by broken glasses or bottles, especially if there are young children attending, will also mean there are less likely to be accidents and insurance claims.


  1. Have Transport Info Available for Guests

This is especially helpful for anyone who is unfamiliar with the area in which the wedding is taking place. Whether your big day will be in a big city or a rural town, having relevant transport info such as taxi/private hire numbers, bus or train information in the venue will ensure that all your guests will travel away from the venue safely.


Churchill Security has been providing wedding security for over 25 years across the UK. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote to discover how we can serve you on your Big Day with professional and effective security solutions.


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