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Churchill Security can offer your company peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding all types of properties across the UK.

We have a reputation as a trusted SIA-approved private security company and remain in the country’s Top 5 percent in our field.

Read on to discover why we have been serving top-rate property management security for over 25 years:


CCTV Cameras

Our property management security offers CCTV camera security, which includes installation and monitoring. Cameras can be accessed remotely and are also valuable proof in court for any claims made against you.


Manned and Static Security Guards

Churchill Security deploys both manned or static guards to keep watch over your property twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Manned guards can be positioned at entrances and exits, car parks, reception areas and any other areas required. Static security guards can keep watch at bigger locations such as shopping centres, hotel complexes or events.


Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols have marked vehicles driven by uniformed security guards operating at any time of day or night. They also have CCTV cameras which security staff can check while inside the car. Security guards will have a set of keys to access properties, responding to break ins or other emergency situations.


Health and Safety Trained Security Guards

Each of our property management security guards have to go through health and safety training, with some choosing to train in first aid. This means that if an emergency arises on your premises, a member of our property management security team will be able to respond effectively and quickly.


Access Points/Gatehouse Security

Property management security staff are responsible for checking everyone entering the site. Entrants will be asked for identification and proof of holding access to the premises. Log books can also be filled for evacuation procedures.


Churchill Security has provided property management security solutions for over 25 years and currently stands in the Top 5% of UK private security firms.

Our bespoke customer service can deliver expert property management security to your building, with security staff who will assist you in deterring criminals and deal with emergency situations of any kind efficiently.

Call Churchill Security today for a free quote and discover the best ways to ensure maximum safety 24/7.

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