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The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is a city which boasts a rich Celtic history, a medieval castle, a thriving creative arts scene and sports stadiums which often play host to international rugby and football matches. With a population of over 470,000, Cardiff sits in the south of Wales near to neighbouring cities Newport and Swansea.

As the largest city in Wales, Cardiff has the highest crime rate in the country – 3,907 crimes were reported in April 2019 alone. During this time, most crimes occurred in Cardiff’s shopping district.

With the knife crime rate in some areas of Wales increasing as well as less high-profile crimes such as fly tipping becoming a more regular occurrence, the South Wales Police are coming under increasing pressure – while simultaneously struggling with £16 million worth of cuts.

If you run any kind of business in Cardiff, it may be time to consider hiring security officers who will be able to safeguard your premises effectively. Here’s how security officers can help you secure your business:


Visual Deterrent Against Crime

Security officers act as an obvious visual deterrent. This will prevent criminals from trying to enter your business, or from committing crimes once they are inside. Security officers will regularly check identification where necessary, maintain your logbook, monitor CCTV, react appropriately to any criminal activities (including the use of physical intervention) and reassure employees and visitors that the area is being protected.


Available 24/7

Different kinds of security incidents can occur at any time of the day or night, which means that security officers need to be available around the clock. Security officers will remain onsite out of hours when premises are vacant, meaning your business is never left unattended and vulnerable to criminals.


Keyholding Duties

Security officers can act as keyholders to your business, allowing them to respond to situations as soon as they occur without having to wait to get access. Keyholding services are hugely beneficial when access is required during unsociable hours. Security personnel can also ensure all doors, windows and other points of access are locked at the end of the working day for added protection.


Mobile or Static Patrols

Security officers can operate as either static or as mobile patrols. Static guards will provide comprehensive, 24/7 protection in designated areas such as at entrances, gatehouses and reception areas. Mobile patrols will conduct regular patrols of different parts of your premises (and even over multiple sites). This enables them to maintain security over large areas and ensures a rapid response to any incidents.



Any risks which do occur can be recorded in logbooks and documentation, so that you’re covered legally. Hiring security professionals to risk assess your business premises will determine what procedures can be put in place for certain situations. Importantly, this includes emergency evacuation procedures as well as identifying any areas which pose a risk to employees and visitors.


Personalised Solutions

Depending on what kind of business you run, a good security company will tailor their solution to meet your specific needs. This means that you will receive the best possible protection. Your security package may include a combination of professional CCTV monitoring, security consulting, keyholding, loss prevention, first-aid trained officers and more.


Retail Loss Prevention

Highly trained loss prevention security officers are able to prevent retail crime and shoplifting. Loss prevention officers have a thorough understanding of how criminals and shoplifters operate, and will be able to identify and respond to any suspicious activity in your premises. Retail security guards are permitted to use physical intervention techniques when required and can undertake additional security work such as assuming a plain clothes store detective role.


First Aid Trained Officers

First aid trained security officers can play a crucial role in any emergency situations. Able to provide first aid promptly, correctly and effectively, first aid trained security officers play a vital role in ensuring your staff and customers remain safe. Security officers can also create safe evacuation procedures and will lead any evacuations so that everyone in your premises can exit safely in the case of an emergency.



Churchill Security can provide highly-trained security officers in Cardiff and Wales . We provide a comprehensive range of security services in Wales and across the UK.

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