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At Churchill Security, we aim to create useful and engaging content for security professionals, business owners and the general public.

In August, we gave some tips for staying safe in Newcastle, showed you how mobile patrols can help your business, looked at the most common types of commercial burglary in London, assessed which south east police jurisdiction records the most crime and shared a comprehensive guide to office security.

We hope you enjoy these articles. Keep an eye on our News and Insights section throughout September for more.



Top Tips for Staying Safe in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Newcastle Quayside

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, also known as The Toon, is the most populous city in the North East of England, with an estimated 314,366 people living within it.

However, like any big city, Newcastle can be a dangerous place for visitors. Learn how to stay safe on your visit.

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How Churchill Security Mobile Patrols Can Benefit Your Business

security guard outside gate on walkie talkie

Mobile security patrols provide an effective way to manage security over large premises or multiple geographically dispersed sites

Here’s how mobile patrols can benefit your business.

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Understanding the 3 Most Common Types of Commercial Burglary in London

The most common types of burglary

According to the most recent statistics from the MET, between July 2018 and June 2019 there were 21,374 business and community burglaries in London.

We take a detailed look at the three most popular strategies burglars use, and give you some tips for how to protect your business.

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Which Police Jurisdiction in the South East Is the Most Dangerous? 

Where is the most dangerous part of south east england

We wanted to know which south east police force encounters the highest levels of crime. Understanding crime levels not only gives a good indication about which parts of south east England are the most dangerous, but also helps citizens understand which types of crime are most likely to occur in their area.

We looked at the latest figures from the ONS to find out.

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Office Security: A Comprehensive Guide

A complete guide to office security

In order to protect your people, premises and assets, it’s important that you put in place robust corporate security measures.

In this guide, we look at some of the most important things you can do to ensure your office remains maximally secure.

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Churchill Security is a leading UK security provider.  We work with organisations and businesses in every industry, and are in the UK’s top five percent of private security companies. 

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