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When Churchill Security was established in 1993, we began providing high-quality security services to local companies.

But our ambition was always much bigger than that. Our aim was – indeed, still is – to be able to deliver first-class security solutions to companies anywhere in the UK.

Today, we have effectively achieved this goal. Churchill Security delivers security solutions to companies located everywhere from Scotland to Cornwall – and operating in industries ranging from industrial and warehouse to retail and corporate.

However, we have always been conscious that growing into a national provider could come at a cost. Specifically, we worried about losing our “local touch”. Regional geographical expertise is an essential component of any excellent security solution. This is because businesses located in different areas have different requirements.

For example, local crime rates, local emergency response times, local geography – all of this has an impact of the types of threats businesses face. Without this knowledge, security companies run the risk of exposing their clients to regional-specific security vulnerabilities.

So, yes, we wanted to grow. But we wanted to grow in a way that enabled us to retain our local touch and, as such, ensure that the businesses we protect remain maximally secure.

To do this, we created a business model built on the premise that these two things needn’t be mutually exclusive. In fact, by combining the right business model with today’s technology, it’s entirely possible for us to do both.

Churchill Security is headquartered in Chorley. These offices act as a central hub, with our account managers, salespeople, customer service agents and most senior managers working out of the premises.

Our regional business managers – who are responsible for managing our operations in specific geographical areas, such as the North West, North East, Midlands, etc. – work remotely, though they make regular appearances at the Chorley offices.

Our regional business managers are hired because, not only are they security industry experts, but also because they have an extensive, detailed understanding of the regions they are responsible for. By making regular site visits, monitoring regional security developments and maintaining and refining each client’s unique security solution, our regional business managers are able to ensure that our customers receive the very best security.

When they’re not in the office, our regional business managers make extensive use digital communications technology – such as VoIP calling, video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing and collaboration tools. By using these tools, there’s very little our staff can’t do remotely. Indeed, it’s almost as though they’re working alongside us.

Remote working is fantastic for our staff, since it allows them to work in more flexible, efficient ways. But it’s also fantastic for us, since it allows us to hire employees who possess a thorough understanding of the areas they operate in.

So, when you choose Churchill Security, you’ll benefit from all of the perks that associated with a national company – such as a comprehensive set of services, a wealth of resources, industry-leading expertise and decades of experience. But you also benefit from a truly local touch, since your regional business manager will have a thorough understanding of your particular area.

Churchill Security is a leading security company. We provide only the most highly-trained security personnel and are members of the ACS Pacesetters – which represents the top 15 percent of all UK security companies

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operations director

Andy is an experienced operations and sales professional with over 20 years’ experience. As Churchill Security’s Operations Director, Andy is responsible for service delivery to new and existing clients throughout the UK, managing the 24 hour control room, the supervisory team and Operations Managers, and for driving efficiencies and best practice standards within the organisation.