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When it comes to adapting to the ‘New Normal’, the two main questions on every parent’s mind will no doubt be ‘when will my child go back to school?’ and ‘Is it safe for them to go back?’.

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On March 20, the school term across the UK was cut short as educational facilities shut their doors in the fight against COVID-19.  As we cautiously emerge from the country-wide lockdown, schools across the UK are devising plans to reopen their classrooms, with social distancing measures in place to safeguard pupils and protect the public.  Beginning on June 1, primary schools will reopen to pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, with secondary schools reopening from Jun 15 to Year 10 and 12.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, schools are legally obligated to take reasonable steps to safeguard the health and safety of pupils and staff and enforcing proper social distancing measures would certainly fall under this category.  With full capacity classrooms, busy corridors, and crowded canteens, implementing social distancing in schools will require a complete overhaul of the typical school day. Staggering breaks, one-way systems, protective ‘social bubbles’ and enhanced cleaning and hygiene are just some of the ways schools are planning to enable social distancing and prevent the spread of the virus.

There is no denying that these measures could put more strain on teachers and support staff, who already have a busy timetable, as extra time and effort will be required to manage social distancing in classrooms, hallways and the schoolyard.  Bringing in trained professionals from Churchill Security could help to alleviate this pressure on teachers and staff, so they can concentrate on teaching their students and leave the social distancing management to us.

Churchill Security can offer a comprehensive range of services to help schools manage social distancing and get pupils back in the classroom safely. Our SIA licensed security officers are professionally trained in access control, social distancing management and general security and are supported by the latest developments in people flow technology and thermal imaging amongst many others


Access Control

With social distancing measures in place across all schools, the number of pupils allowed in communal areas such as canteens and playgrounds will be restricted to ensure the 2-metre social distance can be observed. This is where our professionally trained Officers can step in. We can manage access to areas with a limited capacity, freeing up valuable time for teachers and support staff so they can focus on their own professional duties. Our highly qualified Security Officers are experienced in access control and crowd management, giving schools the peace of mind that any queuing systems they implement will be properly monitored for the safety of pupils and staff.


Social Distancing Monitoring

Our expert highly trained security officers are qualified to manage new social distancing measures designed to keep pupils safe and limit the spread of the virus. Keeping up with the latest Government up-dates and advice can be confusing and unclear. Our officers are continuously trained to apply the latest Government guidelines, as well as the necessary procedures to keep themselves safe, so they can provide the optimal protection for schools and pupils, whilst minimising any further potential of COVID-19 transmission.

Whether schools need to manage social distancing measures in the corridors, canteen or outside areas, our approachable team of security officers can monitor social distancing and assist pupils in following the school’s guidelines. This service may also be useful at the school gates, to help monitor crowd control during pick up and drop off hours.


People Flow Technology

Our People Flow Control system is designed to monitor the number of people entering and leaving a specific area with a limited capacity, providing automated access control to ensure the set capacity is never exceeded. This technology could be beneficial when monitoring access to communal areas at schools. Government advice indicates that shared facilities will need new capacity restrictions to allow for the 2-metre social distancing rule.

Our People Flow Control solution can be quickly deployed and provides an all-in-one, unmanned solution for controlling access to restricted areas. Using the latest AI technology to automatically track the flow of people entering and exiting, our software can be programmed to limit the number of students using the particular areas at once, ensuring the space never becomes overcrowded and a risk to the health and safety of students.


Thermal Imaging

Churchill Security can supply thermal imaging technology which takes accurate temperature readings of multiple individuals at once using advanced facial recognition software. Thermal Imaging has the potential to be an extremely useful tool in the reopening of schools and other educational facilities. Elevated body temperature is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 and using thermal imaging in schools could identify potential carriers before any viral spread can occur. Schools could then use this data to notify parents, suggesting further assessment and self-isolation, as per the Government guidelines.

Considering social distancing measures, taking the temperature of individuals with traditional methods, or even infrared thermometers can pose a major risk. Thermal imaging can scan multiple individuals simultaneously at a safe distance, without the need for operators to come into contact with students.  When it comes to data protection, schools needn’t worry. Our thermal imaging cameras can be set to live mode, meaning no images are recorded or stored, so permission from parents would not be required.


Friendly, SIA Licensed Officers

At Churchill Security, we understand that COVID-19 is an unsettling time for children and young adults, who have experienced unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty during the UK-wide lockdown. Churchill Security wants to make the transition back to school as pleasant as possible, even with new social distancing measures in place. For some schools, the presence of uniformed security guards may be considered extreme. If that’s the case, we can deploy plain-clothes officers for a more relaxed, casual atmosphere to put students at ease and to help your school operate as normally as possible.

All our security officers are fully SIA licensed, and many have enhanced DBS status so schools can have the peace of mind that our officers are qualified to work with children and vulnerable groups. Our officers are trained to handle a variety of security situations with sensitivity and professionalism and are even trained to deal with physical and verbal conflict, should bad behaviour escalate and endanger the health and safety of other students or staff.


Churchill Security is a leading cross-industry security company supplying professional and comprehensive security solutions to organisations seeking expert Security Guards, CCTV & Event Security, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Thermal Imaging & People Flow.

To find out more about how Churchill Security can help get your pupils back to school safely, contact us today on 08082509519 or email enquiry@churchillsecurity.co.uk

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