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As lockdown rules lift in time for summer, holidaymakers across the UK are scrambling to plan a staycation.

Corporate hotel security needs

The hospitality industry has suffered greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many businesses will be hoping to get back on their feet during this summer with the support of the British public, who are also craving a holiday after three months of lockdown!

Making the best possible impression is essential for hotels re-opening their doors this summer. They have a unique opportunity to promote staycations to customers who would otherwise be holidaying abroad. Everyone has different criteria when looking for a hotel; location, accessibility, price, just to name a few. Most holidaymakers will agree that regardless of specialist requirements, safety, security, and a welcoming atmosphere are the top priorities when looking for a hotel. With this in mind, your hospitality business should consider hiring corporate security to help create a safe, comfortable and professional environment both at reception and throughout the rest of your hotel. To help you decide whether your business could benefit from corporate security, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why your hotel should consider hiring corporate security.


Create an excellent first impression

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. From the moment your guests step into your hotel, they will be forming a first impression of your business. Make sure it’s a good one with corporate security. Whether that’s concierge security or traditional security guarding, having a professional security presence in your hotel reception can create a safe, comfortable environment for your guests, creating the best possible first impression of your business.

Our security officers are friendly and approachable, providing security and other services without impeding on your relaxing and friendly vibe. Professional protection with the welcoming touch makes all the difference, helping to elevate your hotel’s reputation and brand, whilst keeping your guests and staff safe.


Provide Monitored Access Points

With so many different people coming in and out of your hotel, it can be difficult to keep an eye on everyone in the premises. Our hotel security staff are available 24/7 to monitor all access points, keeping a watchful eye on the entrances and exits to your hotel premises, both inside and outside your property.

Manned hotel security officers can ensure the safety of your guests, protect your guest’s belongings and patrol car parks to deter car theft and vandalism. We can also supply indoor and outdoor CCTV for extra surveillance, providing an additional visual deterrent and a valuable platform for launching an effective rapid first response.


Carry Out Reception Concierge Duties

Our hotel security officers are not only professionally qualified security guards but also trained to carry-out multiple duties including reception and concierge services. At Churchill Security, we pride ourselves on our multi-talented team. Our concierge staff are not only trained in corporate and hospitality security management but also in first aid, telephony duties, front of house and reception skills.

This combination can give your front of house a competitive edge, with multi-skilled corporate security staff responsible for front of house security and friendly customer service, both of which are essential for enhancing the profile of your business.


Protect Guests and Employees

Besides the added extras of corporate security, investing in a professional security service means your guests, employees and assets are properly protected.  Corporate security officers can act as a rapid first response to any emergencies or security breaches, providing a vital security presence to protect guests and employees. Our concierge staff are trained to keep calm and expertly intervene in any unwanted and unexpected situations, diffusing any aggressive or violent situations quickly and efficiently, for minimal disruption to your business and guests.

We can also supply security officers trained in health and safety and qualified in first aid. Such skill sets can be indispensable in the event of a security threat or accident, ensuring the utmost protection for everyone in your hotel.


Tailor to Your Business

At Churchill Security, our corporate security service can be tailored to the requirements and needs of your hotel. We work in partnership with you to understand the service you require, whether that’s manned security, concierge or reception duty or CCTV. Beyond this, we can also tailor your service to suit your brand, supplying uniformed or plain-clothes officers depending on your business needs. We can also supply an alternative formal guard uniform on request, blending our security staff into your hotel team and adhering to your business’s brand.


Deploy SIA-Licensed Officers

Remaining in the Top 5% of SIA-approved private security firms, we’re proud of our high-ranking quality of service in the hotel security service industry. At Churchill Security, all our security officers are fully SIA-licensed and professionally qualified. Our staff are therefore equipped to deal with all security requirements and are expertly trained to deal with unauthorised persons, as well as physical and verbal abuse, in a professional and discrete manner. With corporate security in your hotel, you can leave security concerns to the professionals, so unqualified employees do not have to put themselves in harm’s way and can focus on taking care of guests and providing the best possible customer service.


Deter Crime

As well as protecting your employees and guests in the event of a security incident, professional corporate security can act as a valuable visual deterrent against crime such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Holidaymakers want to feel safe at their hotel, and a strong visual security presence can put your guests at ease, so they can rest in the knowledge that they and their possessions will be safe at the hotel. While your guests will feel welcome, criminals will certainly not.


 Protect VIP Guests

With a strong security presence at your hotel, your business will be equipped to cater for VIP guests with stricter security requirements, or corporate events/conferences.  When businesses look for hotels to host their event, security is a top priority. They want to know that their event, guests, and employees will be adequately protected from unauthorised persons, gate-crashers and opportunist criminals. By equipping your hotel with professional corporate security, you could open up your business to a whole new client base.


Create a comfortable atmosphere

You want your guests to feel both welcome and safe at your hotel. At Churchill Security, we understand that good manners cost nothing. Our corporate security team will welcome all your guests and visitors, helping them to feel welcome and comfortable from their arrival at your hotel to the end of their stay.

Our corporate security teams can also offer a meet and greet service, assisting guests if they have any questions or queries and providing a friendly face at your front of house. Our professional staff are there to help and are attentive to the needs of your guests- all whilst ensuring the safety of your employees and customers.


Equip your business with a cost-effective solution

Corporate Security is a multi-skilled role that combines traditional security services with concierge duties and reception manning. As well as providing security services, corporate security officers are also very much involved in the day to day running of a business, helping to carry out reception duties such as meet and greet, answering telephones, assisting with queries and checking authorisation. By combining these elements, you can keep costs down without compromising on vital hotel services.


Churchill Security is a leading cross-industry security company supplying professional and comprehensive security solutions to organisations seeking expert Security Guards, CCTV & Event Security, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Thermal Imaging & People Flow.

To find out more about how Churchill Security can protect your business, get in touch with use today.

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