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It’s official- we brits love a night out.


A recent study revealed that more than three out of five of us go on a night out at least once a week, with the average night on the town clocking in around four hours and 38 minutes. When it comes to spending, we brits can rack up a total of £70.90 on the average night out, including transportation, club entry, drinks and a trip to the local kebab shop. For most of us, a night out on the town is a great way to socialise with friends and let our hair down after a week of working hard. Sadly, there’s always the risk that a night out can turn from harmless fun into an unsafe situation at the drop of a hat. Here at Churchill Security, we want your well-earned night out to be memorable for all the right reasons and to ensure you have maximum fun with minimal risk. In that spirit, we’ve put together our 5 top tips to keep yourself safe whilst out on the town.


1)    Stick together

As the old saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. Most of us will head out with a group of friends, so it’s a good idea to stick together and look out for each other. This can be difficult as the night goes on and people go their separate ways. By making a conscious effort to stick together in a group and ensure no one goes off on their own, you significantly reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime. Furthermore, excessive drinking can also make us vulnerable to accidents, so being on your own when tipsy is never a good idea. According to drinkware.co.uk, when you’ve been drinking, you’re more likely to:

  • Lose your keys or phone
  • Fall over or hurt yourself
  • Get in a fight or argument
  • Wander into traffic

Sticking together can help you and your friends avoid alcohol-related accidents and ensure that everyone stays safe and having fun.


2)    Keep an eye on your drink

Between 2015-19, there have been 2840 reported incidents of drink spiking in the UK. 71% of incidents were reported by women, so sadly you’re more likely to be a victim of drink spiking if you’re female; but that doesn’t mean that men should be any less vigilant. The most common form of spiking is adding alcohol or additional alcohol into someone’s drink, but drugs like Rohypnol and Gamma Hydroxybutyrate are also used to sedate or incapacitate victims, making them vulnerable to sexual assault, physical assault, and theft. Both these drugs are colourless and odourless, making them difficult to detect. They’ll also take affect 15-30 minutes after consumption, so the effects are pretty instantaneous. Symptoms of spiking include visual problems, confusion, nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness and lowered inhibitions. If you’re on a night out and think you’ve been spiked, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.


To prevent your drink from being spiked you should:

  • Always keep a close eye on your drink
  • Ask a trusted friend to watch your drink for you if you have to leave it unattended.
  • Not accept any drinks you haven’t seen poured yourself.
  • Dump your drink if you think it’s been spiked and report it to the manager.

For more information on drink spiking and on what to do if you or your friend is targeted, please visit drinkaware.co.uk.


3)    Get home safely

To ensure you get home safely after your night out, it’s important to plan how you’ll get home at the start of the night.

If you’re getting a taxi, it’s best to book in advanced from a reputable company. If you have to flag one down, however, make sure you go to a designated taxi rank and ensure that your ride is fully licensed. It’s best to always share the ride with a friend; it’s not only cheaper for you but also a lot safer.

If you’re getting a bus or a train, stick together with a friend and avoid empty carriages or the top deck of the bus. Keeping close to the driver or guard can help you stay safe and give you peace of mind a professional is nearby.

Think twice about walking home, especially in larger cities with high crime rates. Alcohol, darkness and quiet streets make you vulnerable to crime, even if someone is with you. If you absolutely have to walk home, however, stay in busier, well-lit areas and NEVER walk alone.


4)    Keep valuables hidden and on your person

To ensure your things don’t get lost or stolen, make sure you know where your keys, phone and wallet are at all times. When checking your jacket into the cloakroom, it’s best to bring your valuables with you and keep them on your person. While the club will be liable for the safety of your jacket, they accept no responsibility for expensive goods such as wallets or mobile phones left in the pockets.

Having your wallet or phone on display when walking between bars or home could make you vulnerable to opportunist muggers. It’s therefore best to keep these items hidden but accessible to you, especially your phone, which you may need close by to make emergency calls.


5)    Drink responsibly

At Churchill Security, we understand that having a few drinks with your mates is all good fun. Excessive drinking or binge drinking, however, can make you vulnerable and put you in danger.  Alcohol affects our judgement and reasoning, slows our coordination and reaction time, dulls our senses, and impacts our concentration levels. The NHS website states that drinking too much too quickly can increase your risk of:

  • accidents resulting in injury, causing death in some cases
  • misjudging risky situations
  • losing self-control, e.g. getting involved in violence

To reduce health risks on a night out, the NHS recommends that we:

  • limit how much we drink
  • pace ourselves throughout the night
  • drink with a meal or food
  • alternate with water or non-alcoholic drinks

Keeping tabs on how much you’re drinking is the best way to avoid alcohol-related accidents and injury, and to avoid a late-night visit to A&E. And maybe a particularly nasty hangover the next morning.


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