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Every September, thousands of students flock to university with expectations of alcohol-fuelled parties, late night study sessions and the first proper taste of freedom from their parents. In a year that’s been marred by COVID-19, however, this year’s freshers’ week was bound to be a year like no other.


Are you looking to safeguard your student community against COVID-19? Get in touch with Churchill Security today.

Indeed, with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, student accommodation was not designed with social distancing in mind. As a consequence, universities have become a breeding ground for COVID-19, with outbreaks now recorded at more than 90 UK universities, including Manchester Metropolitan, Northumbria and Edinburgh. To help stop the spread of the virus amongst the student population, many accommodation blocks are now facing lockdowns and strict self-isolation measures.


Like the rest of us, university students must abide by local lockdowns and national COVID-19 restrictions, meaning they are not permitted to socialise in groups of more than 6 people. To ensure these rules are observed and that students do not break the 14-day isolation period, accommodation blocks are utilising security officers to safeguard and monitor students in a bid to keep the virus under control.


At Churchill Security, we’re ready and waiting to support both universities and students during this difficult time. As an experienced security provider currently working in the educational and public sector, our SIA-licensed security officers have the expertise and knowledge to help safeguard students and the general public against the spread of COVID-19.


How Churchill can safeguard university students


Social distancing marshals

Churchill Security can deploy social distancing marshals to ensure that coronavirus measures are adhered to both in student accommodation and university-owned buildings. All our social distancing marshals hold a full SIA licence and are trained in the latest COVID-19 laws, guidelines, and safety practices. Our officers can provide access control, mobile patrols and emergency responses, providing security and support for students isolating or social distancing in accommodation blocks in a sensitive and appropriate manner. We understand that this is a difficult and emotional time for students, as well as a potential PR crisis for universities. Indeed, several institutions have already come under fire for their handling of student isolation. By choosing a sensitive and discrete security company to support your isolation strategy, you can ensure that the student experience is as pleasant as possible under these difficult circumstances.


Thermal imaging

In addition to highly trained officers, we can further support your COVID-19 strategy by providing thermal imaging technology. With the ability to accurately detect facial temperatures of multiple individuals at once, this technology can be deployed at the entrance of student accommodations or university buildings to detect high temperatures amongst the student population. Thermal imaging can automatically scan multiple temperatures at a safe distance, providing mass temperature checks without requiring university staff to come into contact or get close to students. Although thermal imaging cannot provide a definitive diagnosis of coronavirus, an elevated temperature is one of the main symptoms of the virus and could identify students that require further health screenings. In this sense, thermal imaging can be used for early detection of health problems, allowing suspected carriers to be assessed for further screening and subsequently isolated before any potential spread can occur on campus.


COVID-19 deep cleaning

At Churchill, we understand that many university buildings and student accommodations are designed around shared facilities. From bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, to libraries, study rooms and student unions, shared spaces are part of the rich tapestry of university life. In the wake of COVID-19, however, these spaces could easily become points of viral transmission throughout the student body.  With that being said, stringent and thorough cleaning of these spaces are of paramount importance to curb infection rates, whilst allowing a semblance of normality on campus. Churchill Security can provide a range of cleaning services, including COVID-19 deep cleaning solutions, to ensure your student accommodation and university buildings are spotlessly clean and maintain good hygiene. All our solutions are carried out to Public Health England guidance by our highly trained cleaning operatives, ensuring we always provide the highest quality cleaning services. At Churchill Security, we can also offer out-of-hours services, including early mornings, evenings, and weekends to ensure our cleaning services are implemented at a time that’s convenient for students and staff.


Are you looking to safeguard your student community against COVID-19? Get in touch with Churchill Security today. We can supply expert technology, security, and cleaning services to support your university’s coronavirus strategy.  


Churchill Security is a leading cross-industry security company supplying professional and comprehensive security solutions to organisations seeking expert Security Guards, CCTV & Event Security, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Thermal Imaging & People Flow.


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