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As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, ensure your construction site is protected from criminals this winter.


As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, ensure your construction site is protected from criminals this winter.

Emboldened by the longer nights and cover of darkness, opportunistic criminals are especially active in winter and around Christmas. Construction sites are particularly profitable and therefore attractive targets to criminals, as valuable materials, equipment and machinery can often be found on building and construction sites. For site managers and stakeholders, the economic ramifications of winter break-ins can be extensive, delaying completion and causing the project to go overbudget. Throw in a lengthy insurance battle and a simple burglary can become an administrative nightmare. As with most things in life, prevention is better than a cure and when it comes to deterring crime, investing in site security is the ultimate magic bullet. With a diverse range of security services out there, including CCTV, security officers and alarm response services, you can tailor the ideal security solution to the needs and risk-level of your construction site. Don’t know where to start? Check out our top 5 tips for securing your construction site this winter.


Manned Security Guarding

Stationing security officers on your construction site is one of the most effective ways to secure your perimeter against criminal activity. Whilst alarms and security cameras certainly have their benefits, having an officer on the ground, whether during the day or throughout the night, offers comprehensive protection for your people, assets and materials. With criminals looking for an easy, convenient target, a strong security presence acts as an effective visual deterrent, signalling to criminals that your site is protected by professionals.

With manned security services, you can deploy SIA-licensed security officers to guard entry points on your construction site, preventing unauthorised persons from gaining access and committing crimes such as vandalism, industrial sabotage or theft on your property. Beyond this, gatehouse security officers can often act in a multi-role capacity and bring additional skills to your site such as providing banksman support, checking in site employees and even assisting with COVID safety, for a cost-effective approach to site security.


CCTV Monitoring

When paired with professional 24/7 monitoring, CCTV is an effective and hassle-free way of providing an extra pair of eyes on your construction site. By optimising camera coverage and minimising blind spots with a professional installation strategy, a comprehensive CCTV system leaves nowhere for criminals to hide. With professionally trained CCTV operatives monitoring your system either on-site or off-site, you can be sure that any suspicious or criminal behaviour is targeted, identified and dealt with, either by SIA-licensed security officers or the police.

With the ability to simultaneously monitor all areas of your site from a centralised platform, you can equip larger construction sites with a targeted security solution that reduces on-site manpower without sacrificing the quality of your protection. Whilst fixed CCTV is best for established sites and properties, the transient nature of a construction sites makes temporary CCTV solutions, such as CCTV towers or VPODs, much better suited to construction security.


Mobile Security Guarding

Ideal for larger or multiple sites, mobile security patrols can ensure that every inch of your construction site is protected from crime and that any security breaches are identified and dealt with quickly and effectively. Construction sites, by nature, can be vast, hazardous areas, which makes securing the perimeter of your site inherently difficult. Whilst fencing and barriers can demarcate the start of your construction site, they are rarely effective at keeping criminals out. Indeed, scaling a fence or using force is just a few of the extremes criminals will go to in order to gain unlawful access to your site and valuable assets.

By deploying SIA-licensed security officers to move around, monitor various locations, perform foot patrols and open-air security, mobile security guarding can provide a cost-effective visual deterrent, as well as a rapid and effective first response to any security incidents on your construction site.


Dog Teams

With their heighten senses and tracking abilities, dog teams make an excellent security addition to any construction site. Paired with an SIA-licensed security officer who’s also a trained handler, security dogs can detect a human presence from up to 300m away, making it difficult for criminals to enter a property unnoticed-or to remain undetected for long. In the event of a security breach, their heightened sense of smell allows them to track and detect any unauthorised persons, so you can be sure intruders are dealt with quickly and efficiently. With a dog handling team guarding your construction site, your property becomes a high-risk, and therefore unattractive, target for criminals.

Indeed, security dogs are a powerful deterrent, not only against break-ins but also against potential violent crime. While some criminals would resort to confronting security officers, there are very few who would take their chances against a German shepherd with sharp teeth.


Alarm Response

Although an on-site security presence is recommended for optimal security, an alarm response service can alert off-site security supervisors to any security incidents occuring on your premises. If an alarm is triggered on your construction site, professional security supervisors will swiftly attend the scene to investigate further and secure your site in the event of an intrusion. This ensures that all alarm activations are treated seriously and thoroughly inspected, even during nights and weekends, without causing additional hassle for site managers or construction employees.

An alarm response can also be used in conjunction with a camera system, so you, or a licensed officer, can monitor footage from your construction site to see if the alarm activation is legitimate, determining whether further action is needed or if police intervention is required.


Are you looking to protect your construction site from crime this winter?

If so, get in touch with Churchill Security today. We can offer all the services mentioned above, in a tailored combination, to offer the strongest security solution for your site.


Churchill Security is a leading cross-industry security company supplying professional and comprehensive security solutions to organisations seeking expert Security Guards, CCTV & Event Security, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Thermal Imaging & People Flow.

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