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The Construction Industry Constantly Faces Security Challenges.


The construction industry constantly faces security challenges

In total each year the construction industry loses about £800 million due to criminal activity, whether it be vandalism or theft. The follow-on effects can be disastrous for everyone involved, from increasing costs to consumers to delays in project completion.

So why are our construction sites so badly affected? According to leading experts, it’s because these huge, exposed and open structures are seen as what’s known as a ‘soft target’ meaning the chance to steal metal or other costly material outweighs the odds of being caught. Commonly also viewed as a ‘low risk’ crime because of the unlikely chance that the stolen goods are ever recovered, to some, your construction site is like a sitting duck waiting to be taken advantage of. A developer’s nightmare, an insurer’s worst-case scenario and a hugely damaging knock-on effect (not to mention costly) can affect your project’s continuity – it might seem like nothing can stop these awful thieves and vandals, but help is on hand.


Are you a soft target?

The first step to combat any challenge is to always take stock of your situation and ask yourself a few, simple questions. Are the site’s access points easily compromised? Do I have expensive materials lying around in clear view overnight? Is my site visible from roads? What is crime like in the area? What is the contingency plan should we experience vandalism to the point where our site is no longer secure? We can help you answer all these questions, bringing with us a wealth of knowledge, experience and a few war stories to tell you on the way. Together we can ensure you are no longer viewed as a soft target.


How can you safeguard your construction site?

Construction site security services come in many different shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all solution, however there are a series of tried and tested measures we can roll out to safeguard your property. From mobile security patrols to static officers to protect not only your property but your staff too. With Churchill, you can expect only the best services from the UK’s leading construction security provider.



There are all the typical forms of monitoring your site from mobile patrols through to 24/7 CCTV monitoring. One of the latest systems, Webeye, allows for improved security on your construction site.

Equip your business with a sophisticated security system that integrates CCTV, security alarms and monitoring into one user-friendly interface. Webeye’s comprehensive security system provides simple solutions through smart technology, combining three distinct areas of security into one.

Motion sensor CCTV cameras are integrated with the Webeye CMS, a pay-as-you-go cloud alarm platform that acts as a virtual monitoring station to process alarm activations and ensure all stakeholders are alerted to intrusions.  You can also link the Webeye CMS to your personal devices such as mobiles or laptops and receive alarm notifications anytime, anywhere.

With options to add built-in video analytics, you can ensure that you are only sent an alert when an actual intrusion occurs on your property. In addition to this, all alarm activations are recorded in the Webeye browser interface, allowing your business to easily manage and monitor all security incidents on one simplified platform.


Remember, a one-off theft to a construction site costs on average £50,000 in lost materials, damaged scaffolding and disruption to your schedule. Ask yourself today, is your site protected or are you running the risk of becoming a sitting duck? Security is an investment and the ROI on that investment far out ways the alternative.


For a helping hand and some simple guidance, call us today and we can chat through the many options we can put in place to make sure you aren’t a reoccurring victim of theft, vandalism or worse.


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To find out more about how Churchill Security can protect your business, contact us today.

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