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While money may make the world go round, energy keeps the lights on. Without energy, modern life would be virtually impossible.


8 Steps Towards Increased Energy and Natural Resources Security


Everything from the cars we drive to the phones in our pockets rely on energy. Without power, chaos would more than likely ensue in the form of blackouts, loss of fuel, interrupted water supplies and even the shutdown of the internet. Both literally and metaphorically, we’d be dragged back to the dark ages.

Indeed, the use of energy resources is so important to us that if something were to happen to the places where it’s created, the impact would be incredibly detrimental to society as a whole.

That makes energy and natural resources a particularly attractive target for crime. The threats to the industry are numerous, such as thieves targeting cables, plant machinery and generators – and occasionally, activists seeking to cause disruption. That’s why energy and natural resources security is an essential element for any business supplying energy services.

Here are eight steps to follow when it comes to safeguarding your energy and natural resources business from harm:



Installing CCTV cameras near your power plant, windfarm or solar farm enables you to record anyone trespassing, committing vandalism or stealing from your business. Cameras should be placed high enough so that no one can damage them – a tactic which also gives you a wider field of vision. As well as recording criminal offences, CCTV can be monitored 24/7 so any security breaches can be responded to as quickly as possible.


2.Security Guards

Hiring security guards is the most effective form of security you can get. Security guards can monitor your premises 24/7, perform regular checks across your site and can provide a rapid, expert response to any suspicious activity as quickly as possible – including emergency services liaison. They can be deployed as static guards or as mobile patrols – able to check on premises in remote locations at any time, day or night.


3.Intruder Alarms

Installing effective alarm systems will add an additional layer of security to your business. Regular checks and repairs of alarm systems should be conducted, as should scheduling false alarms to test that they are working when you’re not around. As well as installing an alarm system, hiring a professional alarm response service ensures all alarm triggers are investigated and dealt with by a team of experts.



Professional fencing solutions not only demarcate the boundary of your site, but also help to keep trespassers and criminals out, ensuring guarded entrances and exits are the only way to access your site. Whether you’re looking for chain fencing for your perimeter or a gating solution for your legitimate points of access, security fencing will act as the first line of defence for your energy and natural resources operation.


5.Warning Signs

Warning signs should be placed around the perimeter of your site and at all access points. These should highlight the penalties for trespassing, stealing and vandalising. This will help to deter criminals from coming any closer to the area and remind any would-be trespassers that your sight is guarded by professionals.


6.Updated PINs/Passwords

Frequently updating PINs and passwords for doors, as well as computers and systems, will help decrease the chances of someone illegally gaining access to your energy business and causing trouble, whether that’s stealing data or disrupting your operations.



Using effective lighting across the premises will help to prevent trespassers from hiding and lurking in dark shadows. Plenty of bright lighting will also give the impression that the location is being used and therefore being monitored. With professionally installed lights on your site, you can ensure there’s nowhere for criminals to hide.


8.Dog teams

Energy sites can often be vast, remote spaces which makes them particularly vulnerable to crime. If this describes your site, you may perhaps want to consider a dog handling team to guard your site. With a licensed dog handler patrolling your site with their canine companion, you can ensure that any unauthorised intruders can be detected and apprehended quickly and efficiently.


If you’re looking to protect your energy and natural resources business from crime and trespassing, get in touch with Churchill Security today. We can offer a full assessment of your site to determine the best installation strategy for optimal security and ultimate peace of mind.


Churchill Security is a leading cross-industry security company supplying professional and comprehensive security solutions to organisations seeking expert Security Guards, CCTV & Event Security, Key Holding & Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Thermal Imaging & People Flow.

To find out more about how Churchill Security can protect your business, contact us today.

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