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The Churchill Purpose

Here at Churchill, we are all on the adventure together, we are creating a company that we sincerely believe in. Our objective is to make a positive impact on people’s lives, as well as build a strong and profitable business. Consistent with our virtues, each person is important; each has the opportunity and obligation to make a difference.

The Churchill Virtues



Self-awareness and the ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts & emotions effect those around you can contribute to positive influence.

Honesty is always the best policy, we can’t all hit the bullseye every time, so understanding our strengths and weaknesses only empowers us even more. We believe that humility and being humble is a virtuous strength, not a downfall, allowing you to understand, respect and be considerate of the views and opinions of those around you.

Showing appreciation, gratitude and kindness are principles we all strongly believe in, above all  doing the right thing is at the forefront of our purpose.



Here at Churchill we are passionate about everything we do and want everyone to feel that energy. It’s not all day every day that we are able to feel the passion but if you’re always the hardest worker in the room then you bring everyone along for the ride with your enthusiasm and determination.

Extending that positivity allows for improved outcomes across the spectrum from colleagues to leaders and customers. We are passionate about not only involving everyone in our journey but making sure that desire turns into results for all those involved.

People First

People First

When people are happy and content, they become more successful with their ambitions so when we put people first everyone benefits. Our People First approach relates to all aspects of our business from colleagues through to customers, we are committed to bringing value repeatedly without exception.

We want to make sure we are always doing the right thing and we continually evaluate and assess  how our policies affect our people first approach.

Operations Director, Andy Farley, talks about the inspiration behind Churchill’s Purposes and Virtues.

In 2019, we decided it was time to define the culture of Churchill Security. Keen to stand out from our competitors, we decided to have a purpose rather than a mission statement and virtues instead of values; after all, values may be something you believe in, but virtues are something you live by.

With this decided, outlining our Virtues and Purpose was surprisingly easy. We wanted our virtues to be short and sweet, but a powerful statement about the very DNA of the company. For inspiration, we simply looked at the qualities our best employees were already displaying: Humility, People First and Passion, and decided to make these our company virtues.

As for our Purpose, we wanted to reflect the fact that we’re on a journey with both our employees and customers, representing our desired to develop further and to constantly improve as individuals and as a business. With our Virtues and Purpose and the right people, we’re confident that we’ll achieve these goals.

ndy farley discussing churchill security virtues

Case Study - CAF

CAF are a multinational group with over 100 years of experience in the supply of comprehensive transit solutions positioned at the forefront of technology for high value added sustainable mobility.

The company is a leader of the railway industry offering one of the most comprehensive and flexible arrays of products in railway related markets, such as rolling stock, components, infrastructure, signalling and services (maintenance, refurbishing and financial services).

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