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Things you need to consider when hiring a reliable security company

10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Security Company

How do you go about finding the right security company for you? At Churchill Security, we recognise that every business is different and will have different security requirements. When it comes to hiring a professional security company, we understand that there’s a lo...

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Tips and facts to deal germs and dirt in the work place

How Clean Is Your Office? The 10 Germiest Places in Your Office and How to Combat them

With office hygiene more important than ever, ensure your employees are properly safeguarded against illnesses with a professional cleaning service from Churchill Security. That’s right, Churchill Security not only fights crime, we also fight grime. This is why we dec...

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Corporate hotel security needs

10 Reasons Why Your Hotel Should Consider Professional Corporate Security

Most holidaymakers will agree that regardless of specialist requirements, safety, security, and a welcoming atmosphere are the top priorities when looking for a hotel. To help you decide whether your business could benefit from corporate security, we’ve compiled a lis...

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Security women working in a male dominated industry

Women in Security: Holding Your Own in a Male-Dominated Industry

At Churchill Security, we aim to lead by example when it comes to supporting women in our industry. We’re proud that women are represented at every level of our company, whether that’s on-the-ground, at the office, and most importantly in senior management.  At Chu...

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