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Churchill windfarm secuirty

Alternative Energy Security

Recent police and media reports show that general copper theft continues to be a big issue. With that in mind, wind farm operators would be well advised to invest in making their plants secure....

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Windfarm at sunset in field

6 Steps Towards Increased Energy and Natural Resources Security

Across the UK, energy is relied upon by millions of people. Without power, chaos would more than likely ensue in the form of blackouts, loss of fuel, water supplies being cut and a shutdown of the internet. Because the use of energy resources is so important to us, if s...

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Get security today for your solar wind farm

Is Your Solar Farm or Windfarm Properly Protected?

As the world continues to face the threat of climate change, some of those on the front line are facing a more immediate problem – theft. Unfortunately, some people see solar farms and windfarms as a chance to steal, vandalise and make illegal profits. According to Wi...

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