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How to secure your event

A Comprehensive Security Guide for Event Planners

The UK events industry is worth a whopping £42.3 billion and is growing every year. Supporting over 570,000 full time jobs, today there are more event planners in the UK than ever before. As an event planner or event co-ordinator, your career will see you organise a ra...

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Chemical plant at night

How to Improve Industrial Security to Prevent Plant Theft

Data released last year revealed that plant theft had increased by 55 percent since 2013, and is still rising at an alarming rate – plant theft in the UK is said to have cost businesses across the country over £70 million in 2017. Considering these alarming statistic...

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Manchester city centre from the canal

Staying Safe in Manchester – Top Tips for Tourists (Updated for 2019)

Manchester is known as the “Capital of the North” – a bustling metropolitan city steeped in history, culture and entertainment. However, the city also has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous in Britain. The most recent figures show that crime is indee...

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June 2019 article round-up

Churchill Security’s June 2019 Blog Round-Up

At Churchill Security, we aim to create useful and engaging content for security professionals, business owners and the general public. In June, we gave London students some essential safety tips, shared our comprehensive guide to retail security, looked at some ways to...

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