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Security Services for Solar and Wind Farms

Is your Solar or Wind Farm a Metal Thief’s Paradise?

We’ve updated this article. See our most recent update here.   Solar power, renewable energy, wind farms – you’ve not doubt heard about them and you may have even seen a few solar panels and wind turbines pop up near your area in recent years. Wherever yo...

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DIY retail security? Be prepared to say BYE to your customers!

Retail security requires a fine balance of protection and poise. For your customers there is nothing worse than an overzealous staff member trying to act as your security presence while following your every move because it’s a sure fire way to upset the atmosphere in ...

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How Can Security Guards Benefit your Bristol Business?

Is your Bristol business safe and secure or at risk and vulnerable? In the UK today there are an estimated 4.25 million CCTV cameras installed up and down the country. Combine this with the fact that 24% of the security industry’s activities are attributed to security...

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Hire construction security guards

Is your construction site a soft target?

1 in 5 sites are vandalised each week – DON’T be one of them If recent news is to be believed, the UK economy is not only back on its feet, it’s stronger than ever and raring to go. With growth forecasted at 3.2% this year and a predicted 2.7% growth rate set to s...

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