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Hospital security should be carefully considered

A Checklist to See if Your Hospital Security is at Risk

In recent years, the NHS has become increasingly strained, despite its ever-growing budget. A&E waiting times continue to soar, as do the number of beds unavailable to patients. Additionally, the fact that low levels of staff in hospitals mean that performance is li...

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People in railway station at night

Violent Crime on British Railways is Increasing – How to Stay Safe

Commuting via train is vastly becoming more frequent across the UK, with over 429 million people travelling across the country on the national railways. That said, the amount of violent crime on London’s Underground has risen by 43 percent over the last three years, m...

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Get a new security plan for your business for 2019

Your Guide to A New Business Security Plan for 2019

If you’re hoping 2019 will be a successful business year, be sure to secure your premises with the right security plan. Whichever industry you work in, safeguarding assets, data and employees is essential to increasing the level of success your business achieves. Read...

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