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Why is retail crime so high in Birmingham?

Retail crime in the UK is a force to be reckoned with, but if you don’t learn from your mistakes and adequately protect your property then you’re fighting a losing battle. Worse, you’re fighting a battle that has no respect for the law, no consideration for the da...

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Yorkshire Christmas Security

Is your Business prepared for Christmas in Yorkshire?

Christmas is around the corner, but is there something more menacing hiding in the dark? A proud nation best known for picturesque rolling countryside scenes, Yorkshire is a county with plenty to protect. Add shady opportunists, a boozy cheerful spirit and unfortunately...

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Invest in Retail Security Services

DIY retail security? Be prepared to say BYE to your customers!

Retail security requires a fine balance of protection and poise. For your customers there is nothing worse than an overzealous staff member trying to act as your security presence while following your every move because it’s a sure fire way to upset the atmosphere in ...

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