by John Melling

Office door with PIN access

Ten Tips for A Safe and Secure Office

If you run a business, it’s important that your office is properly protected against potential security issues. Office security is important for your company’s success and is critical to the wellbeing of your staff. We’ve listed our top ten tips for a safe and sec...

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Churchill Security’s May 2019 Blog Round-Up

We brought you the following five blogs in May: Can Security Guards Use Physical Intervention and Do They Have Powers of Arrest? The Private Security Industry: An Insight from Our Managing Director, Mat Cook How To Maximise Your Loss Prevention Strategy How To Stay Safe...

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top tips for festivals and event security

How to Stay Safe at Festivals This Summer

If you’re planning on heading to a festival this summer, you probably won’t be thinking too much about event security and the negative things that could happen and the risks that are involved. Whether it is your first festival, or you are a veteran, there are some s...

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Retail security services to protect your retail business

How to Maximise Your Loss Prevention Strategy

Shoplifting is still a common crime across the UK. According to a report conducted by the Association of Convenience Stores, there were over 950,000 estimated thefts in 2018. The report also found that the total cost of theft per store was £2,237 costing the retail sec...

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