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Student accommodation security

Going to uni this September? Make sure you’re security ready

While freshers’ week is set to look vastly different this year, some things about the university experience will never change, even during a pandemic. Security is one of these concerns, whether that’s securing your accommodation or looking after your personal saf...

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Things you need to consider when hiring a reliable security company

10 Things to Consider When Hiring a Security Company

How do you go about finding the right security company for you? At Churchill Security, we recognise that every business is different and will have different security requirements. When it comes to hiring a professional security company, we understand that there’s a lo...

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Where is the more dangerous place to live, Greater Manchester or London?

Does Greater Manchester Have a Higher Crime Rate Than London?

If you, like many others, assume it’s London, you’d be wrong. While our nation’s capital finds itself repeatedly on the news for knife-crime, drugs and gang warfare, it turns out that you’re more likely to be a victim of crime up north. Taking a deeper dive int...

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Corporate hotel security needs

10 Reasons Why Your Hotel Should Consider Professional Corporate Security

Most holidaymakers will agree that regardless of specialist requirements, safety, security, and a welcoming atmosphere are the top priorities when looking for a hotel. To help you decide whether your business could benefit from corporate security, we’ve compiled a lis...

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