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Need reliable security for your Southend retail premises?

Ignoring the need for reliable retail security in Southend comes at a very high price and what’s worse is you may not even realise the true extent of the long term damage you are causing by neglecting a consistent presence in your store. Allowing yourself to be viewed as a ‘soft target’, each day you open your doors without the security coverage you need is another day shoplifters and chancers will get away with avoidable crime right under your nose.

Need retail or store security guards and officers in Chester?

Hiring retail security in Southend comes with its own set of specific needs and considerations. At Churchill we are extremely mindful of external variables that would affect your crime risks, such as the environment you’re in, seasonal peaks and possible past experiences with challenges such as anti-social behaviour. Taking all this in our stride, we then prepare and implement a risk reducing retail security package that will tackle threats and keep unwanted situations at arm’s length. Here are just some of the areas we can assist you with in order to ensure for a safer retail environment for your staff and your shoppers:

  • Cost-Effective Visual Deterrent
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Discreet Store Detectives
  • Loss Prevention
  • Access Control
  • Security guards and officers
  • Flexible Retail Security Structure

Creating a safer environment and taking the pressure off your floor managers is just a phone call away. With years of experience looking after mega stores, shopping centres and supermarkets, you won’t know what you did without our professional and affordable retail services. Offering mobile security solutions, static guards to man access points and even store detectives who can keep a close eye on unassuming customers, we will dramatically help reduce the threats you are exposed to each time you open your doors.

A protected retail environment is a happy one for you, your staff and your customers so if you want to offer the best possible shopping experience, call our retail security officers in Southend now and lets get the ball rolling.

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