Hotel Quarantine Support

Maintain a safe environment for your Hotel premises with our complete solutions. Hotel quarantine is a vital necessity to stop the spread of COVID-19 across our borders. Churchill Security is here to support these efforts across the nation.

  • Qualified Social Distancing Marshals
  • Thermal Imaging and Fever Screening
  • People Flow Control Solutions
  • Sanitisation and Deep Cleaning
  • Available UK Wide

Churchill Security Can Safeguard Hotels Across the Country

With the introduction of Hotel Quarantine, Churchill Security is ready and waiting to do our bit for the country by offering our support the hospitality industry across the country.  At Churchill Security, we’ve been working tirelessly to adapt our skills and services and can offer a range of solutions to support and maintain a safe and secure environment for guests and staff in these critical venues.

We can assist any hotel by providing general security and specialists services such as thermal imaging, social distancing management and deep cleaning services.

Social Distancing COVID-19 Solutions

Social Distancing

Throughout the pandemic, social distancing has been key to reducing the spread of COVID-19. Our highly qualified marshals can ensure appropriate social distancing measures, mask enforcement and general security are promoted and adhered to in any areas of hotels and associated facilities. Marshals can be extremely effective for monitoring guests that have to quarantine, maintaining the safety of other guests and staff.  Churchill Security has been providing social distancing support to businesses and organisations throughout the pandemic and are experienced in implementing and maintaining COVID-19 safety strategies.

For optimal safety, we ensure our marshals receive continuous training on the latest guidelines and know how to apply them safely and effectively to protect themselves and others, minimising any further potential COVID-19 transmission within the hotel.

Risk Assessment Security Services

Risk Assessments

Churchill Security can offer support in compiling risk assessments for your Hotel. By analysing and identifying possible risks, both regular and virus related, we can create strategies and procedures to best mitigate those threats, ensuring your Hotel and facilities remain a safe and secure working environment for your guests and employees.

Both rooms and public facilities can be high risk areas; check in areas and general must follow correct procedures to protect employees and the general public from further transmission. Employing Churchill Security to carry out professional risk assessments allows you to maintain the wellbeing of guests and staff, highlighting areas were extra caution is needed and mitigating risks with appropriate safety measures.

Body Temperature Thermal Detection System

Thermal Imaging

Our body temperature detection systems can accurately detect the temperatures of multiple individuals at once, with high levels of accuracy, and can be used to monitor temperatures at entrances to hotel premises and designated areas, highlighting those individuals who have an elevated temperature- a key symptom of COVID-19.

With amazingly fast response times and the capacity to measure multiple people at once, our thermal imaging system eases the need to slow traffic through a detection area. Unlike traditional thermometers or even some infrared devices, thermal imaging uses facial recognition to provide a zero-contact, socially distanced temperature reading, minimising the risk of viral spread at these critical facilities.

People flow control management and solutions

People Flow Control

Our system is designed to monitor how many people are entering and leaving a specific area, ensuring areas with limited capacity never become crowded and unsafe. With its simple setup and operation, our People Flow Control Solution can be quickly deployed providing vital crowd control for quarantine facilities. This allows you to maintain social distancing in hotel reception areas, restaurants and more.

Our cameras use advanced AI technology to track and monitor the continuous flow of people and our DSS Express software can be effectively calibrated to allow you to limit the number of occupants in your facility, as well as keeping an up-to-date track of the flow of the people entering and exiting. The system can be set to your specific restrictions, allowing you to choose the maximum occupants and the entrance you wish to monitor.

Static and mobile security guards, key holding and alarm response solutions.

Manned Guarding

Established in 1993, Churchill Security is proud to offer a complete range of security guard services throughout the UK, all delivered by our team of fully SIA licensed and trained guards.

Offering COVID-19 Marshals, static and mobile guards plus key holding and alarm response solutions, we are experienced in providing security guard services to all sectors of the hospitality industry. From Access control through to perimeter checks our manned guards can take care of all your quarantine security challenges.

Whether you need temporary one day cover or a long-term solution, we can supply a security solution that’s tailored to your needs, no matter what sector of the hospitality industry you’re in.

Deep cleaning and sanitation professional cleaning services

COVID-19 19 Specialist Cleaning & Sanitising

An effective and stringent cleaning strategy is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within your Hotel premises. These facilities see a large footfall on a daily basis, and if not properly cleaned and sanitised, could contribute to the transmission of the virus. At Churchill Security, we can provide specialist COVID-19 cleaning and sanitising services to safeguard Hotels and associated facilities. We’ve been well established in the commercial industry for many years now and have experience implementing appropriate cleaning procedures to deal with the deep cleaning requirements of these sites.

All our cleaning operatives are trained in the most recent best practices so that you can rest assured that our range of coronavirus deep cleaning options will be done according to Public Health England Guidance. We also offer flexible working hours– including early mornings, evenings and weekends – to ensure our service complements your facility’s operation.

Business Benefits

Improved Health and Safety

Improve the health and safety of all employees and ensure proper COVID-secure procedures are implemented and followed to minimise the risk of virus transmission.


All our services can be deployed on a long-term or temporary basis to ensure you get the service you need when you need it.

Tailored to your needs

Relax in the knowledge that we can tailor our COVID-19 solutions and security service to the needs of your vaccination hub or testing station, guaranteeing you a personalised, first-class service.

24/7 Availability

We understand that vaccination hubs and testing stations operate at all hours of the day to keep up with demand. We can offer around the clock service to support your facility.

Trained Experts

For maximum safety, we ensure all our employees are highly trained and hold the right qualifications.

Rapid Deployment

We understand that vaccination hubs and testing stations are under pressure to deliver. We ensure a quick turnaround time and rapid deployment of services to help you meet demand.

Find Out More About Our Comprehensive Services.

For anyone in the hospitality industry, implementing quarantine facilities is new and unprecedented territory. Churchill Security is here to help the process run as smoothly as possible.

Churchill Security are dedicated to maintaining secure and safe environments for hotel quarantine to help contain the spread of the virus. Our staff are fully trained and ready to deal with any challenges you have.

Call us today to find out how Churchill Security can help safeguard your hotel premises and associated facilities. We’re ready and waiting to do our bit for the country.

“I have been using Churchill Security for many years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance and value. I often need to request guard cover at very short or sometime without notice at all. Churchill have always be able to provide cover and fulfill my requests.”

Michael Brooks, Dobbies Garden Centres Limited

“I would like to express how professional your staff have been on this site. As you are aware, we have three dog units 24/7 which is ideal for our requirements. Since you have been looking after us, we have not had any break-in breaches into any buildings. Many persons have tried to access the site only to be turned away.”

Roger Butcher, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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