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Need to Safeguard Your Shipping Port with Professional Maritime Security Guards?

Maintaining shipping ports, harbours and docks is no easy feat and at Churchill Security we understand that maritime security is becoming an increasing concern.

These locations are often at extreme risk of being targeted by terrorists and other criminal activities, so it is essential that you implement security measures to ensure your cargo, reputation and employees are in safe hands.

Because these can happen at any time and anywhere, it’s better to be prepared for the unexpected and equip your port with effective security measures that will prevent any harm from coming your way.

Churchill Security has 25 years of maritime security expertise, and with approval from the SIA and listed in their Top 5% of private UK security firms, it makes sense that you should choose us to provide you with a complete maritime security solution.

Deter visual crime with maritime security

Hiring Maritime Guards for Visual Criminal Deterrence

To help deter intruders and unwanted situations from occurring, having a physical security presence will help spot and deal with potential threats quicker.

All our maritime security officers are highly-trained to the best standard, ensuring that no one and nothing will access your premises without authorisation.

Each security guard will check ID and consistently monitor access points, conducting mobile and static parameter patrols at regular intervals.

Assessments and rigorous training procedures are given to each maritime security officer, validating the highest level of protection.

Hire effective maritime security guards

Effective Maritime Security Observation and Detection

Maritime security guards will detect anything suspicious quickly and alert your staff promptly of any danger.

Often in a busy harbour or port, it’s not so easy to address issues straight away, which is why providing your port with experienced security personnel will increase the chances of spotting anything threatening as soon as possible.

Our maritime security team can monitor CCTV cameras and can be deployed 24/7, 365 days of the year.

There’s no certainty of smooth sailing when it comes to unwarranted situations occurring, but by hiring our expert maritime security guards, you can detect issues before they have a chance to escalate with potentially disastrous consequences.

Bespoke Security Solutions with Churchill Security

We have been providing comprehensive security solutions to businesses of all sizes and requirements, across a wide range of industries in the UK for more than two decades.

Whether you require mobile patrols to monitor a warehouse site, security officers to provide protection at your hotel reception, need a key holding and alarm response service for a corporate building, or are looking for a CCTV security solution, we’ve got you covered.

Each of our security officers are SIA licensed and trained to the highest standards. We have also been ranked in the top five percent of ACS Approved Contractors, with our services being recognised as “industry-leading”.

As the premier choice for bespoke security solutions in the UK, you can rest assured that your premise, people and assets will stay secure and remain protected.

looking for a comprehensive and professional security solution

Maritime Security Business Benefits

Mobile and Static Patrols

Churchill Security can deploy mobile or static guard maritime patrols for extra surveillance.

24/7 Year-Round Service

Maritime security teams can be sent to sites at any time of the day or night and during Bank Holidays.


We are proud to be included in the SIA Top 5% of UK private security firms.

Regular Boundary/Entrance Checks

Anyone without valid ID or permission to enter will not gain access to your port with regular security checks.

UK-Wide Service

Churchill Security maritime security guards are available across the UK.

Dedicated and Trusted Service

Upholding a customer retention rate of 95% requires listening to our customers and meeting their expectations.

Own a Maritime Business which Needs Professional and Consistent Security?

Churchill Security can provide bespoke maritime security services to your specific requirements and needs. With 25 years of experience, trust our team to deliver the highest quality of maritime security to enable your business to flourish safely.

We’ll provide you with the complete maritime security solution you need to keep your heightened criminal risk to a minimum.

“I have been using Churchill Security since January 2017. After a really difficult previous year with approximately 40 + break-ins on my site, an on-site guard is the only way to keep my site protected from intruders. Churchill Security have been great at accommodating any extra shifts or site specific needs we have and acknowledging our own risks by abiding to the rules of the site.”

Aaron Bacon, Flogas Britain Limited

“I would like to express how professional your staff have been on this site. As you are aware, we have three dog units 24/7 which is ideal for our requirements. Since you have been looking after us, we have not had any break-in breaches into any buildings. Many persons have tried to access the site only to be turned away.”

Roger Butcher, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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