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Mobile CCTV Unit

Our Mobile CCTV Unit from Churchill provides you with a flexible, results driven method of monitoring various locations such as high footfall events and well-known problem areas. Delivering remote, mobile CCTV coverage and giving you a real time snapshot of the chosen areas, there are many benefits to hiring our Mobile CCTV Unit.

Why use our Mobile CCTV Unit?

This solution fulfils many different roles all in one Mobile Unit. Fully equipped with 6 fixed and 2 Pan Tilt Zoom cameras with one on a 30’ telescopic mast, a 3 Man Control Room, video recording equipment, PA System and remote monitoring, there are many features you can take advantage of that are unique to this solution when you hire our roaming CCTV Unit.

Used as a proactive visual deterrent, here are some of the particular areas the Unit can be used for:

  • Crime and ASBO hot-spots
  • Sporting Events
  • Public Events
  • Short-term Site Security
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Fly tipping deterrence
  • CCTV Training at your premises


What can the Mobile CCTV Unit do?

Delivering nationwide coverage across the UK, The Mobile CCTV Unit is available for hire with a fully trained Driver or Operator. Popular uses of the Unit include:


CCTV Surveillance

You are able to hire the vehicle for CCTV and surveillance purposes either with or without a member of our Operatives team. If required, we can control the equipment or you can choose to monitor an area remotely if you wish.


Outdoor Events and Festivals

Often areas with a high footfall require extra security measures and our CCTV Unit is the ideal, mobile solution. Able to be used as either a Control Room or an Incident Monitoring Unit, event organisers can use the Unit as their base or the Unit can travel to areas that aren’t currently receiving CCTV coverage. Whatever you choose, the result is the ability to respond to dangerous or undesirable situations in real time.


Football Matches

Tackling areas that are prone to trouble, positioning the CCTV Mobile Unit at a football match is a leading preventative and early detector for identifying anti-social or aggressive behaviour. Preventing visible crimes and controlling situations with an immediate response, the Unit can be hired to deter the common risks that plague footballing events.


Construction Sites

Sometimes, new construction sites do not have welfare facilities available and ready yet and often they are waiting either for a welfare unit or CCTV to be fitted. Across the UK, one in five construction sites are targeted and vandalised meaning you don’t want to operate an exposed site. Luckily, for this interim period where you are without a security presence, the Unit can be an immediate short term solution offering your site great coverage and much needed peace of mind and provides a flexible alternative to static construction site security guards.


Anti-Social Behaviour

Due to the mobile nature of the solution, the Unit can be dispatched at extremely short notice and therefore can act as a great system to stop anti-social behaviour in its tracks. Available to be hired as a standalone Unit or as an external Control Room, the Unit allows Police or Local Authorities to make real time decisions that would otherwise not be possible.

In addition to the benefits above, you will be impressed to learn the Mobile CCTV Unit can also function in the following various modes:


Engine Power

With rapid response capabilities, if the van is requested at short notice to a temporary assignment, we will be able to have all the equipment up, running and operating within a five minute time frame. The engine and alternator produce enough power to run the equipment for an 8 hour period, giving you great coverage.


Inverter or Leisure Batteries

For longer time frames and when there is no available external electrical supply, this is not a problem as we are able to have the vehicle operational under the leisure/inverter power within five minutes. The inverter and leisure batteries then go on to produce enough power to run the equipment for an impressive 12 hour period.



For much longer assignments where there is no external electrical supply available we will be able to have the van operational with a generator within five minutes for a continuous amount of time. The generator will run on LPG in a sound proofed box (to eradicate the noise) and a manifold on the exhaust therefore reducing the 67db as stated by the manufacturer to approximately 59db which will please any local residents as there will be no noise pollution from the Unit.


External Electrical Supply

The Unit has the facility to plug into a normal domestic 3 pin plug socket or a 16 amp connector typically found at camp sites. This is the ideal mode for the Unit there is no limit to how long the van can operate and is our preferred method of producing power due to the longevity of the service it can deliver.


CCTV Training

Also available as an educational tool, if you are a Training Provider but do not have the facilities necessary to carry out Module 3 of the CCTV (PSS) course (Practical Assessment) you may be interested to learn that we will be able to come to your location with the Unit in order to conduct this module in a Real Life CCTV Control Room environment.

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