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Profit Improvement Services

Churchill Security’s profit improvement division offers value-add services to retailers looking to improve internal processes, review systems and increase profits within the business. Giving you ROI on your retail security detail, our solutions are driven to protect your shop floor while improving your bottom line.

Offering you a dedicated retail security division with decades of combined experience, our team currently work alongside the UK’s biggest names in retail because they need a service that delivers impeccable coverage and the advice to make optimised decisions based on intelligent processes and systems.

Churchill’s retail services recognise and tackle problems beyond the basic security of a store.

With a strong understanding of today’s retail industry, we realise that whilst the fight against shoplifting is never done, there are other areas within a retail business that result in a huge annual loss to your bottom line – waste.

Behind the scenes, retailers face a weekly battle against time as food waste becomes a global epidemic. Each year, the EU throws away 89m tonnes of food and the UK has been named as one of the worst offenders. With no laws in place to crack down on the escalating issue, by 2020 it will have raised to 126m tonnes meaning huge steps need to be taken by retailers to control and reduce waste.

Churchill Security’s profit improvement services look at the big picture when it comes to retail challenges. With 100 years of combined retail experience within our business, our solutions take a strategic approach to your existing operational processes and systems meaning all our recommendations are specifically tailored to your retail environment.

Here are a few areas our profit improvement consultation services can help you with:

  • Intelligent inventory service
  • Stock rotation
  • Material checks
  • Refrigerator checks
  • Fire alarm testing
  • CCTV integration
  • Strategic advice for taking delivery

As a provider that prides itself on delivering a service that not only decreases risks and threats but improves sales within your business, we can deliver a specific and bespoke audit of your internal processes that will highlight areas where profit can be improved and processes made more efficient.

A proactive measure, profit improvement focuses on early detection and is more process driven than another strategy such as loss prevention which is more reactive.

Following an internal processes audit of your retail space, you’ll be aware of your problem areas meaning you can predict and prevent where your big loses may occur on your shop floor.

Delivering intelligent solutions to the business challenges you face today, our profit improvement officers proactively look at all aspects of your business and propose fit for purpose actions in order to reduce vulnerabilities, improve internal systems and roll out a successful profit improvement plan to you’ll benefit from in years to come.

If you would like to enquire about the benefits we can offer your retail business, pick up the phone today and speak to one of our trained retail security experts.

Giving you the operational confidence you need to make the most of every opportunity in your business from your shop floor to your stock room, Churchill can help put systems in place that will ensure you’re optimising every process resulting in an improved profit. Don’t delay, call us today or request a quote and invest in a more profitable business for your retail space.

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